Play 13 card rummy game online for cash

If you like playing card games, there is a great opportunity to make huge money online. Unlike the common perception, not all card games are purely based on luck – there are some card games where skills outweigh luck factor. There are so many people who play 13 card rummy game online for cash and earn riches.

13 Card Rummy

Play 13 card rummy game online for cash

There are so many sites where you can play 13 card rummy game online for cash. The first question that would pop up in your minds could be ” Is Playing online rummy legal?” Supreme Court of India has ruled rummy as a legal and completely skill based game. A player can earn a good chunk of money by playing on rummy cash tables. Your skill set and experience determines the amount you win playing the game. Of course, Winning and losing are a part of the game. Losses playing the game can be compensated easily with wins and winning is no rocket science. Practice, determination, and a commitment could get you there. Whether or not you chose to play the game on a professioinal basis or as a past time is immaterial, your earning potential depends on how seriously you play the game. Your earnings also depends on the table you chose to play. Playing on high-stakes tables increases your chance to win huge.

Deccan Rummy is a haven for Rummy Promotions. We host plenty of offers and promotions for our players throughout the year. Some of the most popular promotions now are

100% Welcome Bonus –

100% welcome bonus up to Rs. 5000 for your first ever deposit in your account.

200% Daily Deposit Bonus

Your first deposit in a day is eligible for a bonus up to 200%. This is a real money bonus offer

Freeroll Tournament –

Win from a mammoth 7.2 Lakhs playing our freeroll rummy tournaments online.

Social Sharks

A monthly freeroll offering players to win from the fat prizepool of Rs. 1 Lakh cash bonus.

FIFA Fantasy League –

Coming with a collective prizepool of Rs. 5 Lakhs, the tournament will be conducted on all match days. In this tourney, players have to predict a winner between the two teams that are clashing on the day and start playing the tournament. If the player features in the prizelist and his predicted team wins the game, then he would receive the double of what he won.
eg: If the player has won Rs. 600 and his choice wins the match then he would receive Rs. 1200.
Apart from these we have periodic challenges like Beat the clock and cash for Ace offer. So, play 13 card rummy game online for cash without any worry here at Deccan Rummy.
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