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Nothing comes to close to the experience of playing an exceptional fast-paced tournament. Gone are the days of having to spend thousands of rupees, simply to play rummy tournaments. Players can use our free rummy tournaments to build their bankroll. In fact, many players have built bankrolls worth thousands of rupees from the scratch playing freeroll tournaments. Additionally, they also enrich their rummy skills by playing so.

If you do not wish to spend for playing rummy online, free rummy tournaments are a great way to begin. Playing free rummy tournaments have been a life-changing experience for many players. What’s there not to like about winning a title, gaining fame and money playing rummy online? Furthermore, If you end up doing well in freeroll tournaments, your chances of winning cash games improves drastically.’s freeroll tournaments have a history of having a good connection with our players. All of our freeroll tournaments have seen huge user participation right from their inception. From the company’s perspective, freeroll tourneys are our prized asset since they help in building trust and reputation. To this moment, we have succeeded in fulfilling our customers’ expectations. In line with our commitment to excellence in customer satisfaction, we are launching a new tournament “Daily Rapid Rustle” that will run every day.

Daily Rapid Rustle

Daily Rapid Rustle

Daily Rapid Rustle is a fast-paced rummy freeroll tournament running seven days a week in a turbo format with an awesome prize pool. If you prefer fast rummy action, Daily Rapid Rustle is for you. A completely free, fast-paced, a big prize pool and a quick pay-out system make this tournament a guaranteed fun for players of all levels.

The fast paced structure of this tournaments makes it all the more super-exciting. Unlike other tournaments where every round has 3 deals and where the players with the maximum points proceed to the next round, this tournament has only one deal per round. It means players whoever secures the maximum point in that table proceeds to round 2 and so on.

Daily Rapid Rustle comes with a prize pool of Rs. 5000 every day and multiple players are eligible for cash prizes. The prizes for this tournament would get automatically credited to players’ cash bonus bucket immediately at the completion of this tournament.

This action-packed fast-paced rapid tournament is perfect for whenever you need some ultra-speed rummy action. With such a huge guaranteed prize pool on offer, you’ve got one more reason to play. This rapid rustle tournament is an ideal tourney format for playing on Deccan Rummy Mobile app. Download Deccan Rummy Mobile for your android and iOS devices and play rummy games free without any worry!

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