Make use of your Freetime playing these free android Games

We use your smartphones for a variety of purposes like sending texts, maintaining our social media accounts, and to binge on streaming platforms. Gaming is one of the most performed activity with smartphones these days. With the explosive growth of a wide array of technologies, gaming which was thought to be possible only with consoles and other gadgets is now available on your handheld android and iOS devices.

As the majority of us use android phones, this article will focus on free games for Android Devices. There are tons of gaming apps available in PlaYstore in many models – free to play, fremium, and paid. While each have their own set of advantages, we are now going to focus on Free Games for your android devices.

When you ask for recommendations for free android games, you are probably going to get the same set of games like Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go, PubG, and Subway Surfers. While they are undoubtedly great games, there are other games outthere equally engrossing that does not enjoy the spotlight these have. Here, we present to you a set of free android games that you should download now and start playing.


Five Free Android Games You Can Try

1. Dragon Quest Tact

It is a freemium game where you collect monsters, build teams to fight the bad guys. The unorthodox characters and the anime graphics add to the fun. DRAGON QUEST TACT will provide you an immersive gaming experience in a fantastic world filled with fantasy, monsters, and magic.

2. Gangs Town Story

It’s an exciting game like GTA 5 with complex missions. From stealing cars and defying the cops to conquering neighborhoods and building a criminal empire, this game is enthralling every moment. The best part about this game is you can play this even without an internet connection. The game provides you multiple tools to become a gangster with hundreds of guns and vehicles. Get to live a life of a scarface!

3. Stranger Things 3

If You’d loved Stranger Things 2 in Netflix, this is the game that you should go in. It is one of the seriously underrated android games at the moment. It lets you play at favorite and exciting locations like Mirkwood Forest, Hawkins Lab and other exciting areas. The game will give you an engrossing experience of exploration and puzzle solving.

4. Tape it Up!

This game lets you work in the factory that ships a bunch of items and all you need to do is to ensure the packages are tapped well. Though you need not tap all time, at times you may lose coin if your packages go untapped.

5. Online Rummy

Enjoy a range of rummy games and Tournaments on Deccan Rummy Mobile and have a chance to win real cash. Known for its intuitive graphics, seamless interface and high speed, Deccan Rummy app offers a immersive gaming experience. Download our rummy app for free and get the world class rummy experience on your mobile anytime, anywhere.

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