Play Ganesh Chaturthi Challenge & Win from 1 Lakh!

Deccan Rummy has become a leading online gaming platform for Indian gamers in India. We have always provided our users with tournaments with a hefty prize pool and various promotional offers. With providing solid offers and good customer service being the top business priority, Deccan Rummy has been the leading choice for gamers to satiate their quest for online rummy.

Our vision is to provide a seamless gaming platform for the Indian gamers and till date, we are focused on doing the same. Owing to the exceptional gaming experience it provides, Deccan Rummy has gained a reputation as one of the leading digital gaming platforms in the country.

Hosting a library of freeroll and cash rummy tournaments, our platform attracts rummy players across all walks of life. Along with the regular tournaments, our special tournament is catching the eyeballs of many rummy players. Regulars, newbies and recreational gamers try out our special rummy tournaments thereby making the tournaments extremely competitive. Our special tournaments are conducted on all major festivals encompassing several faiths.
This month it’s time for Ganesh Chaturthi.

Ganesh Chaturthi

This spectacular festival of Ganesh Chaturthi celebrates the birth of Lord Ganesha, popularly worshiped for his ability to bring good fortune and remove all kinds of obstacles. On this auspicious day, Lord Ganesha is venerated by conducting poojas, singing bhajans and through processions. The celebration varies across the geographic location with some parts of India celebrating the festival for 10 days with the festivities concluding with the immersion of statues in the sea. Local communities compete with one another in displaying the most impressive Ganesh Statue. On this day, the places are typically crowded and the atmosphere is boisterous with songs blaring out of the loudspeakers.


Ganesh Chaturthi Challenge

Looking for an exciting Ganesh Chaturthi offer? The most favored festive special rummy tournament is back this September at Deccan Rummy. Gear up for Ganesh Chaturthi Challenge rummy tournament from Sept 2 – 7 at Deccan Rummy. Coming with a glorious prize pool of Rs. 1 lakh, the tournament is open for all and promises to be a rewarding experience for those who participate. The participants will get a chance to win free tickets for these tournaments. The Chaturthi qualifiers will run from Sept 2-6 every day at 9 PM. It comes with a prize pool of Rs. 10000 (daily) and also 100 players will receive free tickets to the grand finale which is the Ganesh Chaturthi Challenge (GCC) on Sept 7 at 9 PM. GCC comes with a prize pool of Rs. 50000.

Don’t want to take the long route to the final? No problem! You can even play the Ganesh Chaturthi Challenge (GCC), with a direct buy-in of Rs. 100. Whichever be the way you want to take, do take note that this is an exciting offer that you don’t want to give a miss. A win on this auspicious day is considered as a sign of good fortune coming your way! Do add more reasons to celebrate on this auspicious week of Vinakaya Chaturthi by going for a big win in this tournament.

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