Play Movie Mania every Sunday & Win movie vouchers!

Get set for a cool rummy promotion in this hot season as we have one more bonus offer that is going to cool things off. With the burning heat out there, people prefer to stay indoors most of the time confined to their homes, offices, and classrooms. What better way to entertain yourself than to enjoy a game of rummy with rummy enthusiasts all over the country.

Indians have a special place in their hearts for movies. We grow up with movies, revere the film stars, and even idolize them. No other film industry commands the insane worship as much as the Indian film industry. It would be an understatement to label Indians as movie-crazy. Movies are the biggest form of entertainment preferred by Indians even ahead of cricket and card games like Indian rummy.

Movie Mania

Movie Mania Tournament

Understanding the passion for Indians towards movies, we are organizing a rummy tournament each Sunday where the winners would receive movie vouchers as prizes. Gear up for Movie Mania rummy tournament each Sunday @ 6:30 PM. Its a weekly tournament with Rs. 10K prize pool. Players can participate in this tournament with a free ticket from the 10K Prizepool.

We are planning to feature in some of the hotshot, most anticipated movies in this Tournament. So, players have a chance to watch these stellar movies at no additional expense. Unlike every other tournament, the Pocket Vault is penciled in to meet the player’s expectation and aims at providing personalized rewards to players. So, what else as a player would you want?

With the multi-player tables’ format available at Deccan Rummy, you can always find a rummy enthusiast to play with! Choose from our wide range of cash rummy games with your cash bonus. Enjoy a myriad of rummy variants, from exhilarating cash rummy games to heart-pounding rummy tournaments and experience the real magic of 13 card game.

This promotion is for all registered players, so any players who are not registered with Deccan Rummy must do so to avail this offer.

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