Why to Play Practice Rummy Games?

Many of us believe rummy games are played for fun and entertainment, but actually, it is mostly played for real money wagers. The game was played for entertainment and fun in the yester-years during festivals or any other get-togethers. Subsequently, lots of money was wagered on the game and the once fun game went into the mainstream as a premium card game. Clubs and casinos hosted many exciting card games in the not-so-distant past, but due to the stringent gambling laws prevailing in our country, many states were unable to provide sanction for the casinos and clubs to continue. Now, as the Supreme Court has declared rummy to be a game of skill, we can look forward to a resurgence of these clubs conducting card games and tournaments.

After the advent of technology, the game of rummy went digital and has attracted participants from all walks of life. Many online rummy sites have sprung up in the recent past hosting exciting rummy variants. Deccan Rummy has created an ideal space for entertainment and at the same time providing an opportunity to win huge cash prizes. Deccan Rummy hosts many tournaments with lots of cash prizes and announces many promotions periodically. It’s hard to resist playing a game like rummy once you’ve tasted victory.

Practice Games

As we have mentioned many times in the past, Rummy is a game of skill. All it takes are a few tips and strategies to excel in the game. Have you ever wondered why we insist our players play many practice games before hitting the cash tables?

Unlike poker that is heavily reliant on the hand cards doled out at the beginning, rummy is purely skill oriented. Melding the cards into sets and sequences need lots of rummy skill and strategies. You must constantly practice to identify the best possible hands to win. Deccan Rummy is the place where you will find adroit rummy players from all walks of life. You will have to learn all those rummy tips and strategies while playing against the best in the business. The Proper usage of these rummy tips and strategies will mold you into a better player and give you the confidence to excel in all our tournaments. Playing more practice games will help you to deploy those skills and become adept in facing any scenarios. If you are a beginner, you can practice rummy games freely at Deccan Rummy. Register for free and enjoy playing online rummy with the 10000 free play chips that we provide for all new registrants.

Practice Games are vital for any player to practice their skills before entering into cash games. Practice games in Deccan have various formats like 13 Cards Points Rummy, 13 Cards Deals Rummy, and 13 Cards Pool Rummy. These 3 formats comprise of various types of play such as 2 and 6 players games. These formats help a beginner or a rookie to play rummy more proficiently like a Professional while playing rummy cash games. The Reason behind the practice is a simple idea to brush your skill every time before you deposit real cash for winning.

How to play practice Games?

1. Log into your account.

2. Click on Practice tab in the lobby.

3. You can see 3 format like 13 Cards points Rummy, 13 Cards Deals rummy and 13 Cards pool Rummy.

4. Select your preferred table and click on join to enter the practice tables.

Now that you’ve known the value of practice games, what are you waiting for? Read the rummy rules and hit the tables straightaway!

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