How to Play Rummy for free and start winning in Lakhs?

Rummy players are always fascinated by the rummy tournaments. Nothing stimulates a rummy player more than participating in an exciting contest where he is pitted against talents across India. While it is true that players mainly play rummy tournaments mainly for cash, the thrill of winning is probably more exciting than the prize. Rummy players hit the tables repeatedly even after losses which shows their love towards the game.

Freerolls are one of the most popular tournament formats in rummy played by hundreds of thousands of rummy players every week. A lot of people enjoy them because it gives them the chance to play rummy for free, while others take advantage of the fact there is no harm to their existing bankrolls

It isn’t only amateur players who come and join the tables because they are often used by more experienced players who are looking for a risk-free way to boost their bankroll, thanks to the humongous prize money upon offer these days.

Play Rummy Free & Win 20 Lakhs is a place for people who find rummy as a passion more than just a game or a hobby. They have close to half a million plus passionate rummy players across India. Deccan Rummy hosts an amazing array of freeroll tournaments that you can play without spending a penny. Free rummy tournaments remain as the most preferred tournament format in the rummy circles as the winners get paid at no extra investment. Deccan Rummy hosts massive freeroll tournaments with prize values exceeding Rs. 20 Lakhs per month.

Catering to the needs and budgets of various rummy players, Deccan Rummy offers a wide range of freeroll tournaments. Players can take advantage of playing cash free tournaments and get a chance to boost their bankroll.

Best Collection of Free Rummy tourneys

Deccan Rummy runs various bigger prize pool tournaments such as Mega Blast, Rapid Rustle, Late Night Thunders, Gold Quest and GiftRaffle tournament. The rummy players who cannot afford higher buy-ins can join these freeroll tournaments. The freeroll tournaments are not only marquee in regards to prize amount but also help your way in honing your rummy skills. A lot of rummy players who went on to become pros have started off with rummy freerolls as they allow the players to get used to the online realm and also helps them to fine tune their rummy strategies. Plenty of players take advantage of the rummy freerolls and it helps them effectively maneuver their way around to cash tables with much more spunk and authority.

Great structure and huge prize pool aside, the best thing about these freerolls is that, given the number of freerolls running throughout the day, you are guaranteed to win a prize when you play with a passion.

If you do not have a Deccan Rummy account, you can sign up for free and start playing. You can take rummy along with you wherever you are by downloading the Deccan Rummy Mobile App free now. All new depositing players are entitled to a 100% First Deposit Bonus upto Rs. 5000, which is, of course, another exciting proposition! Sign up now and go for the huge prizes! Guess what, you lose nothing by trying out but can run amok rich if you could make your hand work for you!

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