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Rummy games have become part of our lives since the day online rummy made its way to India. As companies have floated many rummy sites, the opportunities are wide open for rummy players in India. Sites like Deccan Rummy have become the hotspot for youngsters to play card games. The wide reach of Indian Rummy games can be explained because of its simple game-play and ready availability. Does that mean you can take the game for granted?  The answer by all the professional rummy players would be a resounding NO. Professional rummy players know more all the intricacies of the game and they venerate the game. Professional rummy players follow the rules, abide by the Terms & condition and willingly take part in our tournaments displaying no slack at any point.

By Professional rummy players, we do not mean that you must quit your job and play rummy full time; we have stated many times not to attempt that as the game may hurt you with losses. A professional rummy player is the one who exhibits passion & dedication towards the game, respects the game & opponents, is well acquainted with all the skills & strategies associated with the game. Would you like to know how a professional rummy player plays the game?

Folding: Rummy Pros do a lot of introspection before folding their cards. Whenever they have a bad hand or do not seem likely to get the joker card, professional rummy players fold without delay. They know that they always have a next game to make amends for the losses than persist.

Picking a card from the open deck:

Picking a card from the open deck is always a risky proposition because your opponent can read the runs/sets you are trying to build. Professional players know this and would pick the card from the closed deck and play with it. They would pick a card from the open deck only when they are on the verge of completing the objective.

Discarding Cards:

Professional players often discard high-value cards (A, K, Q, J) as they carry heavy points. If they decide to retain them then we can be assured that they have multiple high-value cards are trying to make a set/sequence out of it


As mentioned before, observation is the most important trait to be successful in online rummy. If you want to be a successful rummy player, you’ve got to be aware of the melds your opponents are trying to make. You must carefully observe the cards they are picking/dropping to have an idea about the combination they are trying to make.  Professional rummy players carry this trait in exemplary amounts.

Order of the Cards: Professional player often experiments with the order of cards as they constantly look out for ways to make new combinations. In this way, they find ways to finish the game quickly or end up with lower points even if their opponents declare before them.

These are no rocket sciences; any rummy player can pick it up. Professional players often distinguish themselves from the crowd by developing the skills and remaining resilient. Reading this article might tempt you to become one? Is it not?

Deccan Rummy is the right place to groom you into professional rummy players. We have a wide range of cash games and tournaments which will give you an opportunity to face thousands of players from different parts of our country. Deccan Rummy Mobile games can also be accessed by downloading our Rummy Mobile APP for android and iOS. Sign up with us and join our fastest growing rummy mobile community now.

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