Play Rummy with friends – Win Bonus for life!

Any game that is played with friends gives us immense joy and pleasure, also the game becomes very engaging and livelier.

When it comes to a social game like rummy which has a rich history, the game becomes all the more very exciting. Rummy has always been a game which is best played in social circles and is fondly referred as a family game. So just like how the game has enjoyed cult status and continues to be played till date, things shouldn’t be any different when you play online rummy at any site.

At Deccan Rummy, we believe friendship is one of the most important for the player to scale the ladder here. We live in a world where communication between individuals has largely reduced because of various factors. In such a case, we give you a wonderful platform with which you can connect with different people and maintain a strong and everlasting bond.

Refer A Friend

Just like we mentioned, our platform gives a wonderful opportunity to connect with different players. We have a wonderful promotion by the name “Refer A Friend” with which you can easily win huge sums of money. With Refer a Friend offer, you can easily increase your fortunes.

Confused? Let us explain in detail about the offer:

Refer A Friend Offer

With Refer a Friend offer, players have a chance to expand their online rummy circle by bringing them to Deccan Rummy and thereby getting 10% of their fees towards DeccanRummy as a bonus for life

For example: For example in a Rs 1000 table, if your friend wins and pays Rs. 200 as a service fee, then you get 10% of the winning fees ie (200*10/100) Rs. 20 as a bonus. This is per game. Just imagine how much you can earn if he keeps playing multiple games

Unlike other sites where there is a cap on bonus amount, here at Deccan Rummy, there is no cap. As long as your friends are playing, you have a chance to earn. With this promotion, you will receive an unending flow of cash for life.

How to refer a friend?

Now that you have learned about the offer, its time you learn how to refer a friend online. Just follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Login to Deccan Rummy account
  2. Click on Refer and Earn
  3. Navigate to Invite Friends -> Web Mail Share-> Click here to Share the Link with your friends (Use can also import contacts from Gmail). Click on “send” to send the invite
  4. Click on Social Share. Are you a social magnet? Earn some money by telling your friends about Deccan Rummy. Click on any of the social media icons at the bottom (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin) to post the referral image in your timeline.
  5. Once you are done with it, inform your friends to join and play rummy game online. As long as they keep playing and winning, you can earn bonuses.

Refer a friend program is one of the best ways to bring your friends online and win some extra cash. It has twin benefits, not only your earning does grow big but your rummy community also gets big.

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