Play the Monsoon Powerfest tourney this July!

Online Rummy is now the most popular game in India. The competition is getting better day by day—the standard of rummy gaming in competing against top online games in the global gaming market. Online Rummy is most liked for the fantasy part of the game. Rummy promotions and tournaments are the major components of the fantasy part of online rummy.

There are several hosts all around the country, serving people with online rummy gaming 24*7. One promising rummy host among the list is Deccan Rummy. The host is one of the finest in the country. Deccan Rummy is bringing out new rummy promotions on regular intervals.

There a special announcement made by the site a few days ago. It’s a brand new tourney that comes live in not less than 2 hours. Rummy tournaments are pretty special to participate and play, but tournaments at Deccan Rummy are super cool. Monsoon Powerfest tourney is its name. ₹2,00,000 is its prize pool. The tournament runs from July 15 to July 20. Playing rummy at Deccan Rummy is going to be a great adventure in the forthcoming days.

Why should you play Monsoon Powerfest tourney?

Playing rummy tournaments is a great challenge to one’s rummy skills. Playing in contests like this is a great exposure to a rummy player. Rummy tournaments are the best way to win huge rewards within a short period of time. The tournament has split been split into three levels, and the three levels run for six days in the form of 3 satellite rounds, two qualifier rounds and a grand finale.

The tournament has made itself available in the right time. Be it the registration time, be it the tournament commencement time, both are very much apt for players to access. Registration starts at 3 pm, and the tournament starts at 9 pm, this is the same for all six days. The entry fee at every level is much affordable when compared to the prize pool amount.

At the end of every day’s play, a selective number of top performers will receive free tickets to play the next level. The other details about the tourney are available at the site’s rummy promotions page.

The lockdown imposed in the country brought in many new rummy players into the online platform. Online Rummy is a great tool for earning real cash rewards and now has turned out to be a great pastime. With great promotions like this, you are going to have a great time at the tables. Reach us now!

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