Why Playing Card Games is much better than binge watching TV shows?

Binge-watching on movies and series is some thing most of us do. While there can be no doubts about the entertainment factor, does it offer any thing of productive value? It’s a question that you must ponder before investing your precious time in it.

First things, binge watching a TV show eats away the time that could be productively spent on healthy habits. We also inadvertently brunch on snacks that will add unnecessary calories. Most people these are morbidly obese and lack of physical activity is the main reason. If the time spent on TV is spent on physical activity, you could stay fit and prevent harm associated with obesity.

While we watch series and films for amusement, it’s also desirable to know about other alternatives that can entertain you. When you have a lot of free time, it’s not a bad idea to invest some on online games. Now that most activities have moved online, traditional gaming has also taken the digital route. Most games that we enjoyed during our childhood like chess, carrom, card games are now available online.

Binge Watching vs Online Card Games

1. Keeps you active

Though Binge-looking your favorite series or a collection of movies is probably a great time pass, at the end of the day it can drain you mentally as well as physically. Alternatively, playing online games like 13 card rummy stimulates your brain cells and keeps you active at all times. Your mind becomes so sharp from all the invigorative moves that rummy game brings, and prepares to handle any task judiciously.

2. Skill Development

Watching films hours collectively might not help in skill developments. Playing Online games on the other hand enables you improve your analytical and cognitive abilities. Playing online card games improves your attention span, memory power, and decision making ability. We strongly believe that social skills acquired playing online games can help create strong bonds in the real world as well.

3. Proactive

Being proactive is very important these days. Organizations prefer smart and proactive employees than someone who wishes to toil hard. Being aware of every move by an opponent while playing card games, trying to catch their behavior by observing patterns will enable you to become more alert and perceptive. This will help you thwart any problems beforehand and thus adds to overall mental enrichment.

4. Enables you win real cash

it is great to play games that rewards you financially than spending hours together on binge watching movies or TV shows that give you nothing. Games like Online Rummy and Poker gives a chance to win real money. With numerous contests and leaderboard events running throughout the day, the chances of winning real cash is high. Also, games like rummy and poker are skill games which requires real mental ability to win cash. Therefore, you can clear any misconception about it being related to gambling or chance oriented, right away.

5. Alleviates Stress

During this Corona Pandemic, a sense of panic and uncertainty have taken over all of us. Staying locked at your homes for days together have taken a toll on the mental health of many. However, being under stress is no excuse for lazing around. Research indicates playing online card games has substantial psychological benefits. Gamers are proven to have lower cortisol levels – a stress hormone that impairs judgment. Card games help you relax and be happier, especially during these testing times.

There are so many advantages of playing games online that cannot be attained through binge watching. There are certain perils associated with online gaming such as addiction, which the gamers have to keep a tab. However, the positives outweighs the benefits of it. So, why not give a try. Download rummy card game for your android devices and enjoy gaming on the fly.

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