Popular Gaming Genres you should try!

The last few years have been unpredictable for us. There has been a huge impact on mankind. During this time period, one industry in our country has shown great growth. The Gaming industry is one of the top-earning industries during this time. Online gaming is the most common schedule among people in India. With people restricting themselves inside their houses, the entertainment options have been reduced.

People opted for mobile phone gaming for happiness. The number of games available for access is huge. Let’s have a look at some of the top gaming genres people have loved in recent times.

Action Games

The game is one of the top genres of games played. In this genre of games, the player is the centre of the action. The character played by the player has to overcome the challenges that are a lot with regard to the physical specs. These games carry the advantage of easily connecting with the player and getting into the game. The sub-genres of action games include survival games, fighting games, shooter games, and many more games. Some first-person shooter games like PUBG, Call of Duty are top among the hit lists.

Sports Games

One of the biggest successes in the gaming industry is bringing outdoor games into smart devices. Baseball, Cricket, Basketball, football and many more are available on the online platform. The games are providing a premium gaming experience to the gamers. Games like FIFA, EA Cricket are the popular ones on the list.

Strategy Games

The strategy genre of games is currently the trend in the industry. These games are the best to test an individual’s IQ level. The strategy games include Online Rummy, Chess and Poker. The games are available 24*7. There are many online game hosting sites in the country. Gaming has become very easy with the gaming apps available in the store. We have seen such games in many top Hollywood and Indian movies, now enjoy the best gaming experience on the online platform.

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