Have a Positive Gaming Experience Playing Rummy at Deccan Rummy

DeccanRummy.com, is India’s fastest rummy site offers Rummy game for real money on browsers, mobile phones and tablets. Owned by Deccan Games, this 100% legal and SSL secured Deccan Rummy allows players to play rummy for real cash anytime of the day with 3G/4G mobile access. Deccan Rummy’s game can be enjoyed using a simple web browser or mobile app or through downloading our Client software which can installed on your desktop/laptops.

The site offers the most popular formats of Indian Rummy i.e. Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deals Rummy. The site also offers players to enjoy rummy tournaments.The games operated by Deccan Rummy are 100% legal and the site is carefully designed to abide with the law. Here’s how you can have a positive gaming experience at Deccan Rummy.


Features for a Positive Gaming Experience

Big Winning opportunities

To make your rummy playing experience more fun and gripping, Deccan Rummy offers bountiful cash prizes, rewards, and numerous other bonus offers. Play cash games or tournaments or leaderboard, and give yourself an opportunity for enviable winnings

Interactive User Interface

Deccan Rummy offers an interactive user interface that is tailored for a seamless gaming experience. All it takes is a simple free registration process to get started in our platform

Safe and Secure Transactions

Right from the registration to claiming your winnings, the payment gateways of Deccan Rummy are highly secure. You can deposit and withdraw cash any time.


We are certified for RNG and fairplay by one of the leading game testing companies. You can stay assured of 100% positive experience without any room for foulplay.

All these factors are responsible for playing at Deccan Rummy, a most exciting and positive experience. Lots of people from all across the country are playing rummy online on a regular basis in our site. Our games and tournaments are available throughout 24 hours of the day at all stakes. No matter, how much you bring, you’re in for an absolute treat! So what are you waiting for?

Start playing rummy game at Deccan Rummy– one of the best rummy sites in India and win rich rewards!

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