Avail Big winning chances in our Powerfest tournament daily


Looking for big winning opportunities with literally zero investment? Buckle up for yet another freeroll tournament. Join Deccan Rummy’s Powerfest rummy tournament which has been recently launched is the one for you. With a daily prize pool of Rs. 10000, the tournament offers amazing winning opportunities to earn free rummy cash for every player out there. No matter whether you are a pro or a novice, this tournament has everything that a rummy player expects from a platform. To the delight of rummy enthusiasts all over India, this tournament is positioned between two power-packed tournaments Mid-day Minerva and Evening Surprise. 

Powerfest Tournament

Deccan Rummy seeks to make you enjoy every moment on our platform, and so we provide the maximum number of freerolls that has something for everyone. As we say always, you do not need big money to win in rummy. With tournaments such as Powerfest running every day you can cash in big with literally zero investment.

The theme of this tournament is to beat your afternoon blues. Right after the meals, it’s natural to feel a little lazy, this tournament is here to ooze out the laziness and substitute it with oodles of joy and excitement, along with a chance to chase after a hefty prize pool. Don’t worry about the bankroll as you can play this tournament for free.

This Powerfest series is going to be your perfect shot at diving into glory, stardom, and incredible winnings without making a dent in your pockets. Get a chance to earn yourself a massive payout from a whopping 10K prize pool every day and relish big winning chances! So what are you waiting for? Begin grinding from today and boost your bankroll. Wishing you the best of luck for this fantastic tournament.

 Head over to the link for the complete details about this Powerfest tournament and its terms and conditions. For more information about Deccan Rummy’s latest offers on the roll, check out our promotions sections!

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