How Practice helps you achieve expertise in Rummy?

Have you wondered why some people excel in complex skills and ultimately reach the pinnacle, while others languish in the position of novice? What is that one quality that distinguishes experts from novices or to put in better words, what is that stopping novices to progress to the next level? It is Practice!

The concept of being genetically gifted is being disproven time and again as more and more experts are emerging acquiring the skills largely through experience. Which essentially proves everyone has a fair chance to become an expert in their area of interest.


Proficiency in Games like Indian Rummy can be considered to be good example for achieving expertise through acquired experience. While is true that everyone can possibly achieve expertise in games like rummy and poker. It is important to understand the importance of each cards and how to handle them.

One needs to put in a lot of hours to achieve expertise in any field. According to a recent scientific study, an average individual needs 8000 hours to achieve expertise in any field. While some would be able to achieve expertise a lot quicker than this, some might require a longer period. However, the point really is that there is no substitute for practice. Only when you practice thoroughly, you would know about the in and outs of the game completely.

The More you Play, the More you learn

Players with a lot of practice under their belts are consistently able to perform better in big tournaments than casual or new gamers. Upon vigorous practice and experience, you will be able to refine your rummy strategies according to the situations. Not every game can be won with the same set of strategies as there are multiple factors that come into play like different starting hands, opponents at various skill levels and the type of rummy variant you play. Practicing will enable you to perfect your game and also develop a better sense in handling wins and defeats.

To increase your chances of winning, one must be more open in their approach and willing to take risk. It is the main reason as to why every rummy player must spend time practicing to hone their craft. Every game you play as a part of the learning curve gives you insights into the game.

Practicing makes you develop more patience, improve your concentration and focus. Also, you get used to players at all skill levels. You can read player’s mind easily as you keep playing more games. Hence, practice plays an important role in your road to expertise. A right mix of practice and attitude will catapult you into the big league shortly.

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