Press release for Deccan Rummy website Upgrade

Deccan Rummy has officially announced the launch of its upgraded website recently, designed to offer gamers a richer and pleasant gaming experience.  The upgraded Deccan Rummy website includes additional gaming features, rich animations, which could create an overall more immersive gaming experience.  The upgraded Deccan Rummy website has been in testing for some time to check for possible bugs and other errors.

The upgrade is the first major improvement to Deccan Rummy website since a year after its launch. The upgraded site is also mobile responsive. Users browsing our site on their mobiles can easily read the content, tap to view the video, or swipe to scroll instead of click. The new website upgrade has been done to enhance the customer experience and expands their reach.

The revamped website has comprehensive information about the rummy game i.e. rules, how to play rummy and other products & services available with Deccan Rummy. Improved aesthetics, easy navigation, and crystal clear images are some of the salient features detectable in the upgrade. Some of the new features implemented in the latest upgrade are;

Spinning Wheel

The spinning wheel is exclusively available from cash rummy players. The wheel will appear to players who have played a considerable number of cash games. As they spin the wheel once they appear, the player’s account will be credited with a guaranteed bonus amount. The spinning wheel is only available to players who play cash tables starting from Rs. 10 and higher.

Deccan Rewards

Badges – Badges can be considered as an equivalent of a bucket. This is where all the exclusive offers like Spin a Wheel gets saved when not used as they come. Players can use them whenever they want.

View Tickets – This is the place where tickets will be stored. Rummy tickets can be used for various purposes like entry to special tournaments. We will issue the ticket for a number of your activities inside our site like Depositing, winning, and sharing our social media posts.

ThamaraiKannan, Head of Operations, Deccan Games Pvt Ltd said “ We have always wanted to upgrade our website for some time now as we felt rummy game players prefer the website to be more colorful. So, we came up with an idea to improve the existing website. With the kind of talent and planning we had, it wasn’t so difficult to get it done. We were able to release the upgrade much earlier to the tentative date fixed for its launch already”. He added “Now we present to you – our upgraded Deccan Rummy website – designed to provide easy navigation, better aesthetics, and most importantly mobile friendly mode. We are always striving to achieve excellence and are open to experimentation, this upgrade stands as a testament to it”.

Deccan Rummy mobile will be the best rummy card game download that you’ve done undoubtedly.Rummy Players can check the upgraded website at


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