Press Release about DeccanRummy’s Leaderboard 2018

From hosting ever exciting cash games to fast-paced freeroll tournaments, provides round the clock action for all the rummy enthusiasts out there. This time, DeccanRummy has moved one step further and is all to set to enthrall its players in the grandest way imaginable. In the past year and a half since their launch, Deccan Rummy has been giant strides towards becoming the numero uno site of the rummy industry in India.‘s an all-expense paid trip to Phuket in the month of April created a buzz within the Indian Rummy Community. The winners of the leaderboard contest conducted in the month of April were given an opportunity to travel to Phuket for free. Unlike sites that give tour packages to the winners, DeccanRummy crew was on the ground preparing for the trip and enjoyed the fun along with the winners. Here is another opportunity for the rummy enthusiasts to relive those exciting moments again.

Deccan Rummy has weaved an exciting spell for their players with a very competitive New Year leaderboard 2018 contest. The New Year leaderboard contest will run from Nov 1 – Dec 25, and the top 15 players of the New Year leaderboard contest will get spectacular prizes. The players who secure the top 3 position in the leaderboard will be getting an all-expense paid trip to Pattaya and celebrate New Year in the most exciting way with their team. That’s not all; players can also win fabulous prizes like iPhones, Gold Coin and cash prizes along with it.

Pattaya Leaderboard

Trip to Pattaya – New Year Leaderboard 2018

The tentative date of Pattaya trip is from Dec 29 – Jan 2. The company will intimate their players if there is any change in the travel programme. With this New Year Leaderboard contest, Deccan Rummy aims to attract new players all over India and expand their userbase. Rummy enthusiasts who missed the fun last time, can register at and be a part of this fun.

From glamourous pool parties to visit to exotic beaches to exploring gorgeous landscapes of Pattaya, the trip promises extreme fun for all the players. Buckle up for a trip to Thailand to celebrate this New Year in the most extravagant way possible with this contest.

Thamaraikannan, Head of Operations, said “Since the last Phuket trip, many customers kept asking us about the next trip through multiple channels. We were brainstorming on the various types of promotion which we could conduct for our players and we finally came up with this one”. He further added “New Parties in Thailand are always fun. When you get to travel with a vibrant and passionate team like, the fun and joy will definitely be unparalleled. Right now, the preparations are going in full swing and we may come up with the travel itinerary in a short while from now. Players meanwhile can keep working towards increasing their points”.

Rummy Offers galore

Playing rummy games for money has been a trend now. Many Online rummy games hosting companies are wooing their customers with several offers and promotions. People go gaga over rummy because of the fact they find the game fun, challenging and most importantly very profitable. Many companies have been pushing the boundaries in terms of prizes as players prefer a lot of other stuff apart from regular cash rewards. At this time rummy enthusiasts couldn’t have expected a better promotion than this. Players can register for Free at their website in order to participate in this New Year Leaderboard contest.

About holds the trust of more than 2,00,000 Rummy Players. At present, the site offers the three most popular rummy variants: Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, and Pool rummy. Rummy card Games hosted at are  100% legal and the site provides a safe and secure gaming environment for all the rummy enthusiasts out there. 

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