How to Purchase tickets for Mega Diwali Dhoom Tourney?

As you might be aware, Diwali is around the corner and things are really heating up. To make the festival more lively, we are organizing a Mega Dhoom Diwali Tournament for our customers. This tournament comes with a prize pool of Rs 200000 cash bonus and a total of 600 players can participate in this tourney. The winners would be getting cash bonus prizes. The tournament will be conducted on Oct 22 at 3.30pm and registration for this tournament starts at 2.30Pm the same day.
Of late, we have received a lot of queries related to the entry in this tourney. So, in order to make things more clear, we have given the procedure to get the tickets for this tournament in the simplest way possible.

How to get the free tickets

As mentioned earlier, the entry to this tournament can be obtained in two ways – Either you can avail a free ticket to this tourney or buy the ticket for Rs. 500.00
In order to obtain free tickets follow the below steps
1. Log in to your facebook account
2. Like and share our Facebook page publicly. We ask you to make it public so that it becomes easier for us to verify
3. Rate and post an honest review about on our facebook page.
4. Send a private message to us with your DeccanRummy username once you complete the above-mentioned process
5. We will verify if you have followed the steps listed above. After successful verification, we will manually credit the ticket within 24 hours from the time of your personal message.

How to Buy tickets for Rs. 500?

1. Login to your
2. Click on DeccanRewards and select View Tickets
3. Under View tickets, there is a button called Buy Tickets.
4. Click the button to buy the ticket
5. Please note that you need to have a withdrawable balance of at least Rs. 500 in your account before starting the purchase.
6. You can add cash to your account by clicking the Add Cash button and add cash by using any of the above 4 payment options such as cards, Netbanking, UPI and Cash wallets.
7. After you add cash to the account, you can purchase the ticket by clicking on Buy Ticket button present in View Tickets option under Deccan Rewards.
8. Once you have purchased the ticket, you can view the ticket by clicking the view tickets button.

Please note that buying the ticket or earning the ticket does not equal to registering for the tournament. You will have to register manually for the tournament on Oct 22 @ 2:30 PM using this tournament ticket. In the meantime, hone your rummy skills by playing practice and freeroll tournaments so that you get sufficient tournament practice. See you soon! All the best!

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