A quick refresher on Online Rummy card game

If you are new to the rummy card game, there are certain rules that you must master before venturing into the game. We have covered a few areas in the below article which will allow you to learn the game from the basics to advanced level. Reading this article would help you get a new perspective about rummy and also ensure that you have a trouble free gaming experience. New players reading the article can consider it as a FAQ sort of material when it comes to playing rummy online. The article would help your gain good grasp of the Indian rummy rules and would enable to play the game with lots of confidence.

What is Rummy Card Game?

Rummy is a card game where you match cards of the same rank or same suit to form what are known as sets and sequences.

What is the objective in rummy card game?

All the players playing the game are handed 13 cards. The goal is to build melds which consists of set, three or four cards of the same rank; or sequences, where you match cards of the same suit in a consecutive order. In order to meet the objective, your melds must have at least one pure sequence, which means a minimum of 3 cards of the same suit in a consecutive order without jokers.

What are Joker Cards?

Joker or wild cards or those rummy cards which can aid you complete the objective in online rummy by acting as a substitute card in a missing set or a sequence. Every standard deck of card pack used in a rummy game has a printed joker that can be used for the above said purpose. Additionally, during every game, a random card is drawn after card distribution which can also be used as a substitute for the missing card. This card is called wild joker.

Basics of Online Rummy game

In order to start playing rummy card game online, you must first select a rummy website of your choice. Just ensure you do a proper research before signing up on a website. As soon as you signup on the website and login, you will be taken towards lobby. Lobby is the place which holds the collection of cash games, free games, practice games and tournaments. Players can pick their choice and start playing. We would suggest players to start playing practice games first as soon as they login so that they hone their skills.

Indian Rummy Game Play

Some of the key features of the Indian Rummy gameplay are given below

1. Shuffling and Dealing

Unlike physical game where a person assumes the role of a dealer and shuffles/distributes the cards to players, the process is entirely automated in online rummy. Thanks to the RNG technology, which ensures shuffling is completely random and impartial. As soon as the players get seated in the table, a toss decides which player is going to make the first move. The dealing of cards takes plays after toss in a rummy game.

2. Sorting

Every rummy website has a sort feature which allows the players to group their cards along similar suits so that they can play the game without any confusion. This also helps you to arrive at a quick decision on which card to discard.

3. Draw and Discard

Every player during his/her turn has to draw a card from the open deck or closed deck and discard one in the open deck. Closed deck is the cards pending after card distribution and is kept with its face closed. Open deck is the collection of cards formed by player discards.

4. Finish Card

Once you complete the objective of melding 13 cards with a minimum of one pure sequence, then you need to discard your last card into the finish slot. You can do that by manually dragging the card and placing it there or click on the card and select finish. The system will verify your melds and if you have done it right, you will win with 0 points. The other players will get the points based on the unmatched hand cards. The maximum points in a rummy game are 80.

Hope this refresher was extensive enough for you to learn about the rummy card game. What are you waiting for? Just register and start playing now, as there are a number of exciting rummy promotions and offer waiting for you.

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