6 things you must follow before starting to play real money online games

One of the main reasons people flock en masse to online gaming sites apart from seeking entertainment is the potential to earn money online. Games like Classic Rummy online, Texas Holdem Poker online have a reputation of being a money-spinner for the players. There are numerous sites offering various card games in the market. Users have to exercise a lot of caution and judgment in selecting the best sites as there are plenty of fake sites as well. It’s good to have a checklist before signing up and starting to deposit in an online gaming site. No matter whether you are playing in a site or a mobile app, there are a checklist of things you have to follow;

1. App Permission

Whenever you are giving permissions for application to function in your phone, make sure you give only necessary permissions required for the functionality of the app. Do not give any unnecessary permissions. Follow it as a thumb rule whenever you are installing any gaming app. Aside from clogging the memory, installing apps from unknown sources could also steal your confidential information.

2. Payment Safety

As you want to play cash games, it is vital that you choose the site with the safest payment system in place. You should be looking for online gaming sites that offer maximum payment methods. Debit and credit cards, e-wallets, and net banking are a must. Usually, all financial transactions will be performed over a secured network that is supported by 128-bit encryption. With SSL all your transactions are secured.

3. The reputation of the website

Obviously you want to play on a website that is renowned for its safety and security. If you are playing in an online rummy or a poker site, check if the site is licensed. Read the reviews available on the internet about the website. There will always be some negative reviews for every website on the internet. But if the reviews are overwhelmingly negative for a particular website, then you must stay away from the site.

4. Level of Competition

Another important factor is the level of competition that you will face in the gaming room. The lower it is, the higher are your chances. However, you cannot get a guarantee that you will competitors at your experience level all the time. At times, you may find weak players and at times the field will be filled with strong players. You should be careful and select the tables where the competition is weak. As you start playing more frequently you will get an idea about it.

5. Promotions and Benefits

One of the best result for the customers because of the fierce competition between the online gaming operators is the huge offers and promotions.
You should explore various offers available on the sites and find the one which is the most profitable to you. For instance, sites like Deccan Rummy offer the highest welcome bonus for rummy players in India.

6. Customer Service

Sometimes you would require assistance while being in a gaming site, that is when you usually contact the support team.

Choose the site which has the best support process. Ideally, good gaming sites have multi-channel support – Chat, Phone, and email. Obviously, the thing you need to check is how trained and capable is the support team. You can get an idea of it by reading the website reviews on neutral sites. If the site responds to criticism and takes steps to resolve a query from a dissatisfied customer, it is safe to assume that the customer support in that site is serious.

Narrowing your search enforcing these criteria would help you whittle away unwanted sites and get to the most reliable sites.

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