6 Reasons to Choose Mobile Rummy

With the growing popularity of Rummy card Games almost each individual wishes to try his/ her luck online on it so we have made it easy for everyone. Deccan Rummy is one of the few legitimate online rummy sites where you can play card games to your heart’s content. Our mobile games can be accessed through multiple forms – Online, Desktop Software, and Mobile APP. Of the 3 formats, the mobile format seems to have picked up momentum and we see more and more people downloading our mobile APP every day. It’s not surprising as all the business verticals have shifted to mobiles as they have become an integral part of human living. All functionalities of the desktop rummy games are available in the mobile App and you can play rummy on your mobile device without any hassle. With the advent of advanced mobile technology, the gaming experiences are no longer mediocre in mobile phones; you get the same exciting experience that you get while playing on PC.  In this article, we shall briefly discuss the reasons to choose mobile rummy.

Mobile Rummy

Reasons players choose Rummy Mobile

  1. Availability – Our Rummy games are available 24/7. You can access it from anywhere and at anytime. Play rummy whenever you feel like playing – while travelling, break timings in your office time or even while standing in a queue. All you need is a smart phone with a good internet speed to play our games instantly.
  2. Tournaments – You will never miss a tournament as long as you have your mobiles. Play our rummy tournaments even when you are travelling.
  3. Clarity – You will notice the better clarity of cards when playing using your mobile APP than playing with a PC. Better clarity creates better user immersion. According to a recent study, users playing games with the mobiles were more successful than players playing on PC.
  4. Smooth Interface – Our APP is developed using a very advanced mobile technology with rich graphics that gives a very smooth gaming experience. We have strived a lot to make the gaming atmosphere resemble like a casino with eye-pleasing colours. You will be mesmerized by the intuitive graphics and the flawless gaming experience that our APP provides.
  5. Easy touch & swipe features – As the game of rummy is all about the choosing and dropping cards, features like touch & swipe features need to be exceptionally good. Our Rummy APP has extraordinary features like easy navigation, easy swipe & drag and drop features that make playing rummy, a pleasure.
  6. Safe & Secure – As always, we never compromise on safety & security of our customers. Forget about doxing, we have striven hard to create a gaming environment that is very hard to pierce by the hackers. Your personal information, banking details, your game play history are all in safe hands. As a policy, we do not allow collusion & fraud and we ban players instantly who violate the rules. Deccan Rummy has ensured high standards of security – SSL certified Anti-Collusion & Anti-Fraud measures. Certified RNG has been used to ensure non-repeatable & unpredictable card sequences.

Mobile Rummy is the way forward. Download the Deccan Rummy Mobile for your Android & IOS system and engage yourself playing rummy games like Points Rummy, Pool Rummy and Deals Rummy. So, what are you waiting for? Download our mobile APP for your Android/iOS phones now and have a great 13 card rummy game experience now!


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