10 Reasons to play Rummy card game Online

Rummy is one most loved card game in this digital world. The popularity is not something that happened in  recent years, but the card game has a great reputation in India for decades in India. The way people have played the game is the only change across time. Before years, people played the game during a family gathering, marriages and even at their house with family members. Now, the game has adapted well with the pace of digitalisation.

The card game is having a great fan following. Online Rummy hosts like Deccan Rummy, are making it possible for rummy enthusiasts enjoy a splendid rummy experience. There are several reasons why people love this game. The reasons are listed below,

1. Accessibility 

The online game is available in all smart devices( mobile, laptop, pc, iPad), all that a person needs to access the rummy world is a decent internet connection. One of the biggest advantages of online Rummy is easy accessibility. An individual can play the game from anywhere anytime. Mobile Rummy apps, available as like other gaming apps, are even more feasible to play the game. 

2.  Rummy variants 

Online Rummy hosts like Deccan Rummy are making it possible to play the rummy variants of 13-card Indian Rummy. Whereas this is very hard to play in the offline practice of rummy gaming. Be it Points, Deals and Pool Rummy, players can play the game as per their wish. The game itself is a great tool to kill boredom. With the rummy variants options available, rummy gaming is even more interesting. There are plenty of rummy tables of various table values in all three rummy variants round the clock. 

3.  Rewards

The biggest plus point of online Rummy is the give aways. There are many stunning fantasy prize bags in all directions you turn in online Rummy. From Deposit bonuses to free-roll tournaments, people can have a wonderful time at our tables. Deccan Rummy has the upper hand in announcing such rummy promotions. 

4.   Bonus benefits 

The world of online Rummy has many magical formulas that can surprise you. Deccan Rummy also has the many bonus benefits that you can never find in some other rummy platform. Be it the 100% welcome bonus, the 200% daily bonus you will definitely be surprised at every instant. 

5.   Grand celebrations 

You can feel the festive mode in online Rummy on all special occasions. Be it a new year, be it Christmas, be it Ramzan you can see a special promotion in the form of tournaments, leaderboard and bonus offers. Actually, that’s how rummy lovers celebrate. 

6.   Tutorial material 

Rummy is definitely an easy game to play. But there are many hesitations for a beginner. But Online Rummy hosts have made it look easier by giving people a page “How to play Rummy?”, that gives an elaboration on how the game must be played to the beginners. There are also tutorial videos in Deccan Rummy’s YouTube channel. Rummy is a skill game, so you need a lot of potential in you to dominate the tables. There is a page that can detail you on skills and strategies. It is named Rummy tips. 

7.   Safe platform

Rummy sites are certified with the RNG (Random Number Generator) certificate. Cards are distributed in RNG certified distribution methodology. Deccan Rummy is certified from the I Tech labs in Australia. 

8.   Support 

Rummy sites provide support feature to clear players’ queries. The support team is active 24*7. This feature is the site makes the site user friendly. Your queries can get instantly. 

9.   Money flow

It is obvious rummy sites need a strong system to avoid any hatches in your bank processes. The sites provide instant payments and easy withdrawal. Players can make easy payments as we have several payment gateway options. 

10.  Legal 

People always have hesitation in playing the game. The Supreme Court has cleared the air for you. The legal system of India has declared the card game as a skill game. Hereafter there need not be any kind of doubts in you about playing the game. 

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