Maximize your earning chances with Refer A Friend offer

One of the best things about Online rummy apart from the thrill and fun factor is the earning potential. With an endless range of promotions, there’s always some earning opportunity that you can find at sites like Deccan Rummy. From bonus offers to tournaments to leaderboard contests, the site is filled to the brim with exciting promotions that could you see you pad your bankroll continuously.  Why not provide the same fun and thrill to your friend?


Refer A Friend

Rummy is a game that is best enjoyed in a squad. Deccan Rummy gives you an exciting opportunity to share the fun of rummy with your friends and get rewarded in a big way.

With our Refer a Friend offer, Players refer their friends to Deccan Rummy through various means which have been described below. These referred players then create an account, make a deposit, and start playing our cash games and tournaments.

For every game that they play, you would receive a bonus which is 10% of their rake fee. This promotion is better than most Refer-A-Friend programs that tend to offer a small reward for the refferer. There’s no restriction on the number of players that you can refer to our platform.

Finding a friend is not so hard these days. Perhaps you have a large number of facebook followers or in other social media accounts. Share the fun of playing rummy online at Deccan Rummy and you’ll receive a share of their rake as long as they continue to play in our platform.

How to refer your friend to Deccan Rummy?

⦁ Click on Refer & Earn after logging in

⦁ Go Invite your friend -> ‘Web Mail Share’. Add email manually or import contacts from gmail and send an email invite to all your friends

⦁ Click on Social Share. Select the account you want to use to share the referral link (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn) & share it to your followers.

⦁ Get them to register with the link.

⦁ Remind them of the welcome bonus offers and other bonus offers that they can advantage of as soon as they register in our platform.

⦁ Once they hit the cash tables, your bonus will start growing


Friends don’t let friends let go of great opportunities! It’s a double win situation for you as well as your friend!

Show your some love and help them earn, thereby getting a earning opportunity for yourself. So start referring and make your fortune!

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