Rise of Online Rummy during corona lockdown

Online gaming firms are quite at their peak market value in recent months. Due to the COVID 19 virus outbreak, the whole of the nation is locked, and people are staying home for safety purposes. Masterminds are making their efforts to find medical solutions to break the virus spread.

All social activities are shut down, people crowding places like business malls, theatres, temple are closed to avoid people gathering. Online games are a proven option to make people ease external stress. The lockdown has impacted every factor of the country. The economy of the country has fallen by a drastic mark. Several industries are struck with huge loses, but there is one industry in the country making record turnovers.

Indian gaming industry

The online gaming industry has made higher yields in the last few months. There has been a great wave of people turning towards the industry in the last months. Online games are the best source of entertainment during the lockdown. Gaming firms have experienced a huge rise in the number of players in their site. There are 300 million gamers in our nation. India is one among the top 5 gaming industries at the global level. The number of gamers is expected to double in the next 1 or 2 years.

With the lockdown happening now, online firms are enjoying a great industrial value. The industry is estimated to cross the 1.1 billion mark in 2021. With a huge turn around in the mobile phone market and availability of pocket-friendly internet packs, it is very easy to make it possible to explore the online world. It is fair to say the whole of the digital world is very much handier for people of this generation.

An individual preparing to spend time in online gaming has a huge variety of options to enjoy. There are many types of genres action, adventure, arcade, cards, racing, simulation and many more. Each category owns many games in them. Of them, there is a special game for India and Indians!

Online Rummy

Online Rummy is the one! The traditional card game played in the countries for so many years. But the advent of the card in the online game has brought the game handier and accessible. In the present times, online Rummy is holding a great popularity value to it. With many global games in the industry, the game is giving a tough fight to hold the top slot.

Online rummy sites are making the game more preferable to play by bringing in new gaming options to stay in the game. There are many fantasy moments for you in the industry. Surprising bonus offers, special rummy tournaments and leaderboard promotions with mesmerising reward bags. Deccan Rummy, one of India’s fast-growing rummy site, is doing a great job by introducing many new promotional announcements during this lockdown.

The site has also received huge number of sign-ups during the last two months. Players love to be at Deccan Rummy.

What’s gonna stop you from playing? Download Deccan Rummy’s mobile Rummy app start to experience splendid rummy actions.

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