Rs.25/- “Bug Bonus” Announced

Bug Bonus

For the first time ever! With the start of our new launch, comes some special offers from Deccan Rummy. Believe it or not, you can earn money out of BUGS! Yes, we are going to award Rs. 25 as Bug Bonus for every bug you report.

Rs.25/ Bug Bonus for every error

People will be rewarded with a bug bonus of Rs.25 for every genuine bug reported. Yes, we are offering a “Bug Bonus” to you if you find and report us bugs. This will be verified and Rs.25 will be credited to your account instantly! You no need to be a techie to find a bug. Our portal is excellently designed in such a way to provide you hassle free gaming experience and is currently launched in Beta Testing mode. We are planning to receive feedbacks from you so that our portal can be enhanced which ultimately gives the best online gaming experience. So look out for bugs while you use your account to play rummy online. We don’t prefer the conventional way of getting feedbacks from you. We want you to make a profit out of it and attain mutual benefit. Are you Ready to actively participate? Play more, find bugs and fill your wallet.


Our website is in Beta testing mode currently. However, we are not so far from launching our site in normal mode. So this offer will be valid only for a limited period. Keep looking out for exceptional offers and promotions like this in the near future.


  • Bug bonus will be given only to those who report genuine bugs.
  • Players can claim this offer without any promo code.
  • Deccan Rummy reserves the right to edit or modify this promotion at any point in time.
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