How Rummy helps to bond with people of different age groups

Rummy is a game that people of all ages can enjoy. In India, the game has a history of being played for several centuries. It’s hard to think of any festivals or gatherings without a game of rummy. It’s a game that’s close to the hearts of many people over the years. The game is enjoyed by players across different strata of society. People believe playing rummy helps build a strong bond and improves camaraderie. Here are the few ways which Classic rummy game can bring across people of all ages and build a strong bond.


  1. Rummy Club – Multiple age group

Rummy clubs are a good way for the people to congregate and play rummy. Card game clubs were in existence in the previous generations. Thousands of players frequent the club to enjoy card games they loved. Rummy clubs can also function as the medium to spread the message that rummy is a skill game. From the legal age of 18, players spanning across several groups can enjoy the game. Rummy clubs would go a long way in fostering social interaction among card gamers.

  1. Online Rummy Tournaments

Online rummy has been a revelation among Indian gamers. Now everyone with an inclination towards card games can get on to the rummy platform and enjoy a card game. There are a number of rummy sites and rummy mobile apps which connect players from different geographic locations.

Rummy tournaments are a great way for rummy enthusiasts to connect. Coming with an alluring prize pool, these rummy tournaments are intensely competitive and promote healthy rivalry. The online sphere eliminates the traditional age barriers so that people of all ages get to interact with each other and form a lasting friendship. Online rummy offers you multiple variants (Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deals Rummy) to play. If you are bored at one variant, you can always choose the other.

  1. Rummy Kitty Parties

Women always love partying and it’s no surprise that they mix partying with gaming. Rummy kitty parties are extremely popular in the circles of women rummy players. Such parties are an interesting mixture of rummy, songs, and dance. Such parties also allow the game to known to unknown players. It is also a great way to break the age and social barriers as women from all walks of life participate and enjoy the game.

  1. Host rummy quiz

Quizzes are always a great way for knowledge sharing. People love to learn more about a game other than its rules, such as history and interesting facts associated with it. These facts make up for an interesting quiz material. A challenging rummy quiz helps you gain knowledge about the unexplored facets of rummy and it might also enable you to build a strong bond. As the game existed over a long period of time, it is obvious that it carries many interesting facts. You can even reward the winners with some exciting prizes. The prospect of winning cash prizes will keep them interested if not the quiz itself.

  1. Read Rummy Tutorials

Rummy is like an ocean. What you’ve surfed is only a tiny part of it, these are large swaths of unexplored territory. The sky is the limit as far as learning goes. We at Deccan Rummy have an impeccable collection of materials on rummy including rummy tips and strategies, which will help you in a long way. We have you covered if you intend to learn through videos. There are multiple videos on how to play rummy and rummy rules which will help you. Switch on the videos and polish your rummy skills to rattle your opponents.

As you get to know the intricacies involved in the game completely, your performance would obviously increase. Not only would you be in a position to win every game but you also have a chance to inspire others to take up the game. Join the game now and see what cards have in store for you!

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