5 reasons that prove rummy card game is a skill game

Card games like rummy has never ceased to captivate the gamers all along. Rummy Card game has a rich history in India and continues to enthrall the gamers across different age groups despite the arrival of more graphic rich games. Even to this day, it’s not surprising to watch people play rummy during their spare time or festivals or even when they travel. With the advancement in internet and technology, several industries have changed drastically from head to toe. Rummy game too is now available online.

The game which we enjoyed with family and friends largely is now available at a much grander stage. With online rummy, you can feud against gamers from a different geographic location putting your skills on the line. Talking about skills, skeptics of the game give a different spin to the game that it’s a game based on chance, downplaying the skill part intentionally. If it’s not a skill game, you could see the same bunch of winners who are strangely categorized as “lucky” win the game again and again. Here are four concrete evidences which back our claim that rummy card game is largely a skill game.

Rummy Card game

1. Mathematical and Analytical skills

Rummy is a game which requires some amount of critical and analytical thinking. People who are blessed with such skills often end up winning more often. In a 13 card rummy game, the theory of probability comes to use so often.

a.) For example, if you have a 7 and 9 of hearts, chances are that you may get a 8 of hearts to complete a sequence. It’s worth waiting for that 8. But if you have 5 and King of spades, it’s rather waste holding both the cards as the probability of making a sequence is very low.

b.) If you receive too may black cards, it is safe to assume that your opponents are probably holding a large number of red cards.

c.) If you receive a large number of even numbered cards, your opponents are likely to hold odd-numbered cards. This is where your mathematical skills comes into play.

2. Observational skills

While playing a online rummy card game, you are constantly gathering information and formulating a strategy based on observing your opponent’s moves. In the event you do not observe your opponent’s moves, chances are heavy that he might declare earlier as he’s been observing your moves all along.

3. Memory Skills

In a rummy card game, you need to remember the fall of cards and the cards your opponents pick from the open deck. For that you need to possess a good memory power and concentration. Failure to concentrate means you are handing over the victory on a silver platter to your opponents.

4. Emotional control

It goes without saying that the strategies you use are likely to determine the outcome in the game. However, rummy game tests few other abilities of yours – Patience, Perseverance, crisis management, and decision making. A good rummy player essentially possesses all these skills and has better emotional control. People running wild on emotions are likely to lose the game as they get the better of your skills.

5. Playing rummy card game against Good and Bad players

Any game that involves luck, there is no question of good or bad players. Any player without skills could win those luck based games easily. In rummy, the demarcation between good and bad players are evident. There’s a difference between playing a beginner and a well-experienced player. The decisions you take in the midst of the game makes a lot of difference to the outcome. We can all agree if making decisions are involved then obviously the game should be a skill game.


It is evident that rummy card game is not a game of luck or chance as several people feel. It’s a game hugely reliant on your skills. The good news is that you do not have to be a born brilliant person to master this game. As with the age old adage practice makes a man perfect, rummy games are also easy to master provided you practice them with a dedication.

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