How Rummy Culture in India was embraced by everyone?

Rummy is one of the most popular card games in the world. Having a conquian origin, the game spread its wings to different parts of the world, changing according to the geographic location incorporated with the local culture.

Rummy Culture

Indian Rummy Culture

In India, the game already has a cult status. We Indians always had a history of card games. Even in legends and folklore, there have been mentions about card games. Rummy despite arriving lately quickly secured a spot in our lives and has become an indispensable part of Indian culture. Remember the good old days, where we spent hours together playing a classic rummy card game with our family. As a matter of game of rummy was a common event during Indian festivals and family get-togethers. People believe playing rummy creates a strong bond and encourages camaraderie.

According to the recorded history, a card game made it to India during the time of Mughals and was popular among the royals. The game which was popular within the royals slowly made its way to the common way and the culture of playing rummy card game soon spread among the masses.

Playing cards were so popular in the yesteryear that skilled artisans began to craft their own version of cards that depicted Indian culture.

Indian players play a version of a game called Indian Rummy, which is a unique combination of Rummy 500 and Gin rummy. Now the rummy culture of India undertook a complete makeover since Digitalization. Online rummy culture reignited the passion for the game and the internet has taken rummy to an unprecedented level of popularity.

Online Rummy

Now the fun-filled and entertaining card game is available anytime. No longer would people need to wait for other players for an offline game, as there is a barrage of online rummy sites available. As a result, there has been a remarkable increase in the number of rummy players.

The game which was popular only within clubs and family is now playable anywhere courtesy of rummy mobile apps.

Online Rummy sites like Deccan Rummy have revolutionized the Indian card gaming scene in this country. It helped keep the essence of the rummy game intact despite the advent of so many games across multiple genres. With online rummy, the reliability factor which was quite debatable in the offline version is sorted As sites like Deccan Rummy are certified for RNG (a random number generator certification to ensure card distribution is completely random), encrypted for keeping player information safe, they are more trusted by the rummy players.

Rummy sites have several deposit options for the uses. From credit cards and debit cards to Internet banking and mobile wallets, there is a slew of options for the users to make payment. With 128-bit encryption, Your payment details are secure.

As for the playing environment, sites like Deccan Rummy go a mile extra to ensure players get clean gaming experience. Deccan Rummy performs random security checks and other log-files to maintain system integrity and fairness at the tables to check for any kind of malpractice.

It’s time to become a part of this growing rummy culture in India by downloading the rummy app. Visit Deccan rummy and download the Deccan Rummy Mobile app for Android and iOS to enjoy a seamless rummy experience on the go!

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