Fun facts about Rummy

Do you love playing Rummy?

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India is a Rummy loving nation. It has a special welcome turf for the card game as they share traditional handshakes with people. The game is the favorite among the Indian Families. Out of the bunch of card games, Rummy does hold the top position in popularity.

We have come to the end of a decade 2010-2019; Online Rummy is a sensation in the time period. Entering into the online venture platform has the game convenient.

The game has a long journey across centuries, generations, and technology!

Apart from earning money, people have a lot to know about the game. There’s a lot, let’s have a look at them.

Rummy Facts:

  1. Rummy is the 3rd most popular card game at the global level. Some believe it the game has originated from Spain, and some believe it has come from France.
  2. The game is more of a family game in the 1960s.
  3. The card game improves hand-eye coordination and improves a person’s mathematical skill and presence of mind.
  4. Card Deck is very easy in the present time, but in the earlier days, it wasn’t an affordable one. Shocking na? The cards were handmade in the earlier stages, and the card making techniques have now evolved along with the growth in technology.
  5. In the current gaming table, we play three variants of Rummy. Originally there are more than 20 Rummy variants in the game. This is not a verified number- people also believe that there are more than 100 variants.
  6. The name is derived from Rum Poker
  7. The game more for people to break out of loneliness.
  8. The game was played for Rum. Yes, the loser of the game must buy other players drinks for the next round.
  9. You play the game on occasion to earn money, do you know there are many playing the game as their profession. The game is a supreme source of income for people.


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