5 mistakes to avoid while playing rummy games online

13 card Rummy games are predominantly a skill game unlike games like poker, Teen Patti where luck plays a great role in determining the outcome. Once you master the necessary rummy skills, then there is nothing that is going to stop you. Fairly speaking, it’s not an easy journey from being a novice to an expert. However, that is no reason to get disheartened. Nothing is impossible in the world of rummy card games. In order to prevent loss, you must eliminate some common mistakes that could hinder your progress.

1. Not evaluating the starting Hands

In a rummy game, starting hands play a very crucial role. Many times they make a huge impact in deciding the outcome of the game. So, it is very important for the player to know about the different types of starting hands in rummy games. A good knowledge about the starting hands would give you an idea of what hand to play and what to drop.

2. Starting with big stakes

Rummy novices starting off with big stakes often end up losing big money. Just like wine, you get better as you age in rummy. This is why we advise the new registrants to spend some time in practice tables then proceed to freeroll tournaments and low stake games in that order. Following an order is very important when playing rummy online games.

3. No Strategy while playing rummy games

Playing rummy game online without any strategy is equivalent to running an organization without any goal. As rummy is a skill game, strategizing every move is very crucial. Once you become adept at rummy strategies, you will know various procedures like how to bait, when to fold etc.

4. Playing too many hands

You can do two things at once, but you can’t focus effectively on two things at once – Gary Keller. Similarly, a new rummy player must not play in multiple tables in one go. As rummy games demand strong focus and attention, a player might not be able to deal with many hands one time.

5. Too aggressive or too passive

As mentioned before rummy is a skill game similar to chess. Rummy games when played aggressively may cause you to lose the plot on strategy. At the same time games when you play with a passive attitude, you may get run over by your opponents. What you need in rummy is a controlled aggression so that you can leverage your skills.

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