Important lessons that rummy can teach people running a business

Indian Rummy is a popular skill game played by players across different generations. The main reason for its popularity is that its a skill game. Skills such as observation, mental agility, perseverance, flexibility, and decision making decide the outcome of the game. These skills ring a bell doesn’t it? Yes, people involved in running a business do need these skills in ample amounts.

Playing rummy can be really helpful if you are a businessman. The skills developed by playing rummy can inturn be applied to different aspects of your business. Let us probe into skills that you can get by playing these games.


Rummy and business

Bankroll Management

For running a business, this is the most important skill. You should have control over the cash flow to ensure none of the stakeholders suffer any losses. Also, it is important to understand where to invest in order to reap maximum profit.

Playing online rummy would help people running a business a lot, as you get an idea about what should you bring to the table. Smart players consider their profit margin before investing. Playing this way helps to level their game up and scale higher in the rummy ecosystem. In a game of rummy, smart players only invest in games and tournaments they are comfortable to play.


People running a business always are on a look for best opportunities. It is only through identifying a best avenue for investing, one can make the most out of it. Pouring your money simply for the sake of adventure or trying can result in huge losses. While playing rummy game online, you have to keep an hawk-eye on your opponents, looking for opportunities to win. This skill will often translate into the real world cashing in on the best opportunity.

Decision Making

One of the most crucial factor in business or in general life is proper decision making. A single wrong decision can change your life upside down. So, it is always good to think twice or thrice before taking a decision. Especially in business, a decision is capable of turning your fortunes upside down. In a game of rummy, the decision to discard a card plays an important role. As you take note of your opponent’s hand, you will be extra careful in not giving them anything to take advantage of. You also need a good understanding on your opponent’s strategy based on their game play. People who play rummy regularly often take sound and stubborn decisions.

Dedication and Discipline

The success story behind many successful entrepreneur is their discipline and dedication. Of course, intelligence and education is important, however you can compensate for the shortage of it with your discipline. We’ve seen numerous stories of dropouts and less educated running a successful business. It’s their commitment towards their goals and their relentless efforts that have brought them to this position. No amount of intelligence will be of use, if you are not disciplined. The game of rummy has a set of rules and strategies that requires you to follow them. Serious rummy players are often disciplined and respect the rules. This quality will help them avoid unethical practices while running a business.

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