Rummy Promotion – ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Special

After the website upgrade, we have seen a rapid influx of new players swarming into play rummy at Deccan Rummy – India’s most trusted rummy site. To celebrate the upgrade, we have launched a slew of rummy promotions that are going to create a buzz in the Indian rummy community.

Rummy Promotion

As Team India is chasing their fortunes in the ICC Champions Trophy 2017, the frenzy of Champions Trophy has hit our rummy tables. We have decided to be a part of this razzmatazz by launching a new promotion coinciding with the start of this mega cricketing extravaganza.

Cricket, when combined with rummy, raises the entertainment and excitement to a new level. Just like the fanatical support for cricket, the support for online rummy is growing every day. Deccan Rummy is staying in tune with the excitement and passion by launching new rummy promotions & offers periodically.

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Special

This exciting rummy promotion is a fitting start to the tough & grueling cricket season ahead. We have planned to launch several rummy promotions coinciding with India’s home and away matches in the future.

Raise your account balance by getting a stunning 20 % bonus by depositing cash during the happy hours. Join us in cheering for India in this Champion trophy 2017 and get a handsome bonus.

Get 20% bonus for deposits up to Rs. 2000.00 during happy hours. As India coast into finals, gets your account boosted with cash using this incredible promotion.

Date:   June 1 – June 18

Happy Hours:   7 PM – 10 PM

Bonus Code:

The Bonus code to avail this offer will be updated every day. The code can be used only once in a day. Keep checking our Rummy promotion page on our website or follow us on Facebook to know the code.

What is this offer all about?

Make your deposit (min Rs. 100) during the happy hours and get 20% bonus credited to your account instantly. The bonus is valid for deposits up to Rs. 2000. Check how to make use of this offer here.

Stay tuned to ICC Champions Trophy 2017; we are sure there are going to be many nail-biting thrillers in this tournament. Just like you, we are keenly awaiting the mother of all contests – India vs. Pakistan. We hope India prevails over our arch nemesis in this tournament one more time.

Enjoy all the matches! But don’t forget to make use of this awesome rummy promotion everyday. Happy Playing!

Tips & tricks

Make a deposit of Rs. 2000 during happy hours to avail the maximum bonus points.

Terms & Condition

1.The offer is valid only during happy hours as mentioned. The deposits made during other times are not eligible for this promotion.

2.The offer is valid only till June 18.

3.The Bonus code can be used only once in a day. Subsequent deposits made by the players are not entitled to this promotion.

4.The Bonus code to avail this offer will be updated every day. Keep checking this section in our website or follow us on Facebook to know the code.

5.The offer is open for deposits up to Rs. 2000. Any deposits made more than Rs. 2000 will get you only 4000 points.

6.Standard Deccan Rummy Terms & conditions apply.


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