Rummy Promotion – Jazzy July 30 % Bonus reminder

Deccan Rummy is fast becoming the number one online rummy game site in India. With thousands of rummy players available anytime, you can expect an invigorating gaming session on our website anytime.  We guarantee loads of money in our monthly promotions, feature special tournaments with trips to exotic locations as prizes.

Jazzy July

Join the action here at Deccan Rummy in our exciting online rummy promotions, fast-paced online rummy tournaments, and benefit from our ongoing bonus offers and freeroll tournaments. Our gaming environment is suitable for rummy players at all levels. Our rummy games will help you enhance your rummy skills and face any level of competition. You will come up with several rummy tips of your own after playing the game for a few months. Our tournaments are designed in a way to bring you the perfect dose of adrenaline and our promotions will provide the right motivation for you to push even harder. Without your support, we wouldn’t have become one of the finest online rummy game sites in India

Over the past few months, we have launched several online promotions and offers. Jazzy July Bonus offer is one such exciting promotion that offers exciting benefits to our players. As the offer is about to expire, players must hurry and make use of it soon

What is this Jazzy July Bonus all about?

Make a cash deposit and we will give you a 30% bonus up to Rs. 900! We will credit the bonus amount in the form of bonus points. As you play cash games, it moves as redeemable bonus amount. The minimum cash deposit eligible for this offer is Rs. 500.00.

Deposit code for this week – RummyKing

The maximum bonus amount you can get this offer is Rs. 900. We will credit the bonus amount in bonus points at the rate of Rs. 1 = 10 Points.

For example, if you make a deposit of Rs. 1000 with the bonus code, the 30 % offer is automatically applied and a bonus amount of Rs. 300 (Rs. 1000*30/100) will be credited to your account. We will credit this bonus amount of Rs. 300 as 3000 Points.

The Jazzy July Bonus offer is going to end on Jul 31. Make a deposit immediately and avail the offer.

We are confident that you will enjoy your online gaming experience at Deccan Rummy, and in our mission to set the bar high for online gaming, we want to hear from you. Post in the comments section below on the ways in which we could do so. Feel free to share your views about our rummy promotions and offers. Alternatively, you can also e-mail us at

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