Rummy Quiz

Our Rummy quiz has 10 easy questions related to the game and answers for it. Take this test and find out where you stand in the online rummy world.

1. What do we refer as baiting in Rummy?

a) Strategy to hoodwink your opponent by throwing a card of the same suit or rank

b) A move in the game like folding, declaring

c) Getting rid of the cards with higher points

2. What are the deadwood cards?

a) Unmelded hand cards

b) A combination of two sequences

c) Another name for standard deck

3. The act of submitting the cards after melding them into proper sets and sequences is called

a) Fold

b) Declare

c) Drawing

4. What is the other name for open deck?

a) Stock Pile

b) Discard Pile

5. Identify the pure sequence among the following

a) ♠5, ♠6, Joker

b) ♠5, ♥5, ♣5

c) ♠5, ♠6, ♠7, ♠8

d) ♦A, ♣A, ♥A

6. You have two impure sequences, a set, and have ♠5, ♠6, ♠7 as hand cards what cards would you need to finish the game

a) Joker

b) ♠4

c) ♠J

d) ♠8

7. How many sequences are required in a rummy game in order for a valid declare

a) 2 atleast

b) 3 min

c) 1 atleast

d) Not required

8. In the following cards, which is a triplet

a) ♠5, ♠6, ♠7

b) ♥K, Joker, ♥J

c) ♦J, ♣J, ♥J

d) ♠A, ♠2, ♠3

9. Let us consider for example you 14 handcards are grouped as follow – (♠5, ♠6, ♠7), (♠5, ♥5, ♣5), (♣10, ♣J, ♣Q, ♣K ) and (♦5, ♦8, ♦7, ♦K) – which card you would discard to make a valid submit

a) ♣K

b) ♦K

c) ♦8

10. Which among the below options is a correct set?

a) ♦A, ♦A, ♥A

b) ♠6, ♠6, ♣6

c) ♠A, ♦A, ♣A

d) ♠K, ♠Q, ♠J

Answers to the rummy Quiz

  1. a) Strategy to hoodwink your opponent by throwing a card of the same suit or rank
  2. a) Unmelded hand cards
  3. b) declare
  4. b) discard pile
  5. c) ♠5, ♠6, ♠7, ♠8
  6. Either c) or d)
  7. a) 2 atleast
  8. c) ♦J, ♣J, ♥J
  9. b) ♦K
  10. c) ♠A, ♦A, ♣A

Rank yourself

If you answered all these 10 questions correctly, you are a rummy champion by now else one very shortly. If you got 7-9 questions right, you probably miss it just by a whisker and can win anytime sooner. Did you get 4-7 questions right? If so, you are treading on being a average rummy player. A win is not too far away we reckon if you take some real efforts to improve. Anything below 4 is poor, you need to brush up your rummy skills. Read our how to play rummy page and rummy wiki page to get more familiar with the rummy game.


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