Deccan Carnival 03 – Rummy Raani travels to Bengaluru

Hey rummy aficionados, Deccan Carnival, since its launch has earned appreciation and admiration from all quarters in the rummy arena in India. The offers and promotions that were launched were availed by many players all around India. Many players heartily thanked Rummy Raani’s efforts in collecting various information and facts about the players as it was very comprehensive and informative. The last promotion of Rummy Raani Namma Ooru Madrasu was a huge success.

The way she took efforts to collect so many information about various places was commendable. Also, the offers and promotions that she came up with last time were impressive and novel. Be it the innovative Marina Match or the ingenious Four Central, the players were on their elements and made the sequences and sets as mentioned. Also, a lot of players got the Coffee count correctly and earned a handsome bonus. As usual, they were curious to know about Rummy Raani’s next destination stop.

Rummy Raani

Rummy Promotions – Deccan Carnival 03 – Bengaluru Utsava

Similar to last time, we conducted a Facebook and Google + quiz with the images blurred about Rummy Raani’s next destination. Rs. 100 cash bonus was awarded to players who came up with the right answer. So, the wait is over now. It’s time we reveal the destination that Rummy Raani’s is going to travel to this time. Yes, folks, it is Namma Bengaluru. As Rummy Raani loves to do things on a grand scale we have called this promotion Bengaluru Utsava.

Bengaluru is one of the important cities down south in India. Earlier referred as the garden city, now the city is referred to as the Silicon Valley of India post the IT Revolution. What’s unique about Bangalore is how it retains the old charm of culture and heritage despite the over-abundance of modernity thrust upon it courtesy of the influx of populations from all over India. In this post, Rummy Raani is going to talk about the places that she would visit and the promotions that are on offer. Let’s first discuss the promotions

  1. Bengaluru Bonus

Get to know the go-to places in Bengaluru set in a rummy drop. Deposit and earn 20% Bonus up to Rs. 1000. Use the deposit code “BENGALURU”

 2. Lalbagh Match

Just like the sprawling Lalbagh Garden, complete the rummy game with a six card sequence and get 20% bonus on your winnings. This promotion is a real test of your online rummy skills as making a six card sequence is considered as a rarity in the rummy arena.

 3. King’s court

Celebrate the achievements of Kings and sultans in Bangalore by being a part of this promotion. Declare the         game with the King card and get 10% bonus on your winnings.

 4. Fifty For Fifty

  • Send your username along with the scanned copy of the address proof front and back.
  • Address proof includes Aadhar, Voter ID, Driving License & Passport.
  • Whatsapp it to 8939033366.
  • 50 Karnataka players will get Rs.50 Cash bonus.
  • Note: 50/50 on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  1. Refer Friends

  •  Refer five friends to Deccan Rummy
  •  All of them should verify their mobile numbers
  •  WhatsAPP the userID of the friends you referred to 8939033366
  •  Get Rs. 200 Cash Bonus after successful verification
  •  In addition, earn a chance to win upto Rs. 5 Lakh for each friend you refer.

Whoa! That’s some offers right! That could send any aspiring rummy player rushing to the tables.

Now the other important part which we are going to discuss is the places that Rummy Raani has planned to visit. As mentioned earlier, Bengaluru is a hodgepodge of several cultures. People from different parts of India and even abroad have settled here and have come up with unique contributions to its culture. The city has a splendid nightlife and has several bars and pubs. Mentioned below are some of the places where Rummy Raani would travel to:

Places Rummy Raani’s visiting

  1. MG Road – MG Road is one of the busiest hubs of recreational and commercial activities in the city. It is lined with retail stores, office buildings, and recreational centers. It also houses a large number of banks and offices and continues to be a favorite with the tourists.
  2. Brigade Road – It is a road that is extremely popular with youngsters. Easily accessible via bus, auto, Brigade road is very popular for shopping. Located at the intersection of Residency Road and MG Road, the road is filled with shops of big shot retailers and standalone shops. The road also has its share of pubs and discotheques.
  3. Bangalore Palace – Folks who want to experience the true charm of Bangalore, must head over to one of its old landmarks, the Tudor style inspired Bangalore Palace. Built in the year 1857 by Chamaraja Wodeyar, the place stands as one of the important cultural identities of the city.
  4. Chinnaswamy Stadium – Owned by the Karnataka Cricket Association, the stadium was renamed as Chinnaswamy Stadium in honor of M Chinnaswamy, who served as the President of Indian Cricket Board from 1977-80 and was involved with Karnataka Cricket association for several decades
  5. Shiva Temple – One of the unmissable landmarks of Bengaluru is Lord Shiva Temple located in Old Airport Road. The tall 65 feet statue stands as an architectural wonder and is a must visit for all the tourists.
  6. Lalbagh Gardens – Lalbagh stands as one of the key identities of Bangalore. These exotic gardens created in the year 1760 by Haider Ali houses century-old trees, rare flowers from around the globe and most importantly Bengaluru’s of London’s Crystal Palace glass house.

So that’s an impressive roundup of Bengaluru, is it not? Do join me in the carnival and avail of all these spectacular promotions. All that you need to do is create a free rummy account with Deccan Rummy website and join the carnival.

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