Rummy Raani to visit Chennai this time

Rummy Raani is going great guns, she’s made her Guntur sojourn a massive success and has earned appreciation and admiration from all quarters. Every rummy player was quiet taken aback with her awesome list of promotions and availed everyone of them especially the WhatsApp contest 100 for 100. Here’s Rummy Raani speaking to everyone about how exciting her Guntur Sojourn was and her plans for the future.

Rummy Raani

“My journey in Guntur has been a massive success and has benefited a lot of players with exciting offers and prizes. Curious to know about my next destination stop? Are you ready for some sight seeing sipping some hot filter coffee? While you stay curious let me give you a hint the place is called as the gateway of south. Get ready for some swashbuckling promotion that comes along in my trip”.

Ever since she announced this contest in Facebook, there has been tremendous surge in the curiosity levels among our facebook audience. A lot of folks eagerly commented on the post with the answer. The players who commented with the right answer were given free tickets to Social Sharks rummy tournament.  Here’s rummy raani appreciating those in her own inimitable style.

Namma Ooru Madrasu

Rummy Raani -Namma Ooru Madrasu

Hey rummy folks, rummy raani here. Picked up the clue given by me and guessed the place already. The coffee still remains hot and is waiting to be devoured by you. Anyways, it’s time I reveal the destination. Yes, folks I’m going to travel to Chennai which is colloquially referred to as “Namma ooru Madrasu” and that’s exactly going to be the name of the promotion this time. Kudos to the rummy players out there who picked up the clue and found the city. As promised I have something special to you this time just like what I had given to all the rummy players out there during my #Going2Guntur promotion. Get ready for some enthralling rummy action with a bee of promotions with which you can earn some additional cash easily. We will update the full list of promotions that she’s planning to give during this visit shortly.

So folks, are you geared up for Rummy Raani’s next destination? Stay connected with Rummy Raani by following her moves at Deccan Rummy. There’s a rich chance that you could benefit big with her promotions here at DeccanRummy. If you like the article, please post the comments below. If you have any queries related to the offers and promotions here at Deccan Rummy, do not hesitate to mail to



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