Rummy Set Rules | Play Rummy Online @ is one of the best sites in India that brings 13 card rummy games to your homes. At Deccan Rummy, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that our players get to access our exciting platform to play rummy to their heart’s desires. 13 card Indian rummy is considered by many cardgame enthusiasts to be one of the most refined card game. This version of rummy is generally played with a joker as it makes the gameplay easier. Rummy experts prefer to play the game without the Joker card. As everyone knows, the objective in a rummy card game is to arrange the 13 cards dealt with you into proper sets & sequences. Here, we shall discuss the rummy set rules as they assist the players to complete the objective quickly.

Rummy Set Rules

The 13 card Indian rummy is generally played with 2-6 players using the 52 card deck. Two additional printed jokers along with each deck. The dealer deals 13 cards each face down to each player with one card face down. The objective of this game is to meld these 13 cards into Sets and sequences with a minimum of 1 pure sequence required for a valid declare.

Rummy Set Rules

A Rummy Set is a group of 3 or 4 cards with the same numerical Value in different Suits.

For eg: (K, K, K of different suits)

Please note when you are using 2 decks or more you cannot use the same card twice in a set. For instance, 8 ♠ 8 ♠ 6 ♠ cannot be considered as a valid set in such cases. After the distribution of 13 cards to each player, one card from the rest of the deck is arbitrarily selected and is used as a wildcard for that game. All cards belonging to that rank irrespective of the suit will be considered as jokers. Players can use these cards as a substitute while making sets and sequences.

For example, if 6 ♠ is the wild card and you’re trying to make a rummy set with four 5’s (5 ♥ 5♣ 5♦ in hand and 5♠ is missing). In this case, you can use 6 of any suit to complete this rummy set (5 ♥ 5♣ 5♦ 6♦) is a valid rummy set.

Rummy set rules aren’t very complicated at all. When you spot a chance to make a set, seal it at any cost. Hope this article was helpful. is the home to all exciting rummy promotions. Check our exciting rummy promotions and avail all of them before they cease to exist. If you have any queries or suggestions related to this article, drop a mail to


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