Do Rummy sites encourage in favouritism?

We have some skeptics always casting apprehensions about the genuineness of the rummy sites. Some of the accusations thrown in are rummy sites indulging fraud, favoritism, and luck. We have already dwelled enough on fraud and luck, being a factor that decides the outcome of the game. This leaves us dealing with another common accusation against rummy sites favoring a particular set of players.

Rummy Sites


Is there any truth to this weird accusation about rummy sites indulging in favoritism? Unfortunately, it is not. Any site that hosts the 13 cards rummy game goes out of its way to ensure that each player gets the right benefits, right rummy promotions and the right offers. In this article, let us take a look at the factors in a rummy site where the players start on equal footing.

Welcome Bonus

Welcome Bonus will be credited to the players’ account once he successfully completes the registration process. The registration process in most online rummy sites is very simple and doesn’t take much time to complete. Once this process is completed and his mobile number is verified, players get an instant signup bonus. This amount varies from site to site. At Deccan Rummy, the newbies get Rs. 25.00. This is to ensure that no one is given an unfair advantage and everyone gets started on an equal footing.

Deposit Bonus

This is another incentive given by most of the rummy sites encouraging players to play cash rummy games. Most, if not all rummy sites offer a welcome bonus when making a first deposit. All the players who make their first cash deposit to their rummy account are eligible for this bonus. At Deccan Rummy, we provide 100 % first deposit bonus up to Rs. 5000 for all our new registrants. This bonus amount is too enticing for players that it makes them flock to the tables to try their luck at rummy online games. All the players are offered this enticing promotion without any prejudice.

Seating arrangement, Joker, Cards dealt

In all the rummy sites, seating arrangements are random. Most of the rummy sites have RNG installed in them which ensures that cards are randomly dealt. Similarly, joker selection is random. There is absolutely no prejudice of any sorts in any of these.


Rummy rules are common for all the players. There are multiple variants of rummy games hosted by rummy sites but the rummy rules remain same for all the formats. Again there is no prejudice or any favoritism involved in this.


All the games are available for all the players 24/7, 365 days a year without any restrictions. Sports is one of the best ways to break all the barriers that are existing in our society and rummy sites are doing a fabulous job by attracting the best minds.

As you can observe, all the factors listed above are common for all the players. Hope this article helped you clear aspersions that have been cast regarding rummy sites indulging in favoritism.

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