Safety is the first choice in Life!

Since the start of this month, India has been witnessing a rapid surge in Coronavirus, with the country seeing over 3 lakh fresh cases of Covid-19 cases on a regular basis. The sudden surge has brought the healthcare system to a breaking point. With the situation very grim, it is the duty of every responsible citizen to do their part in breaking the chain. 

After extended lockdowns and containment measures which saw us through the first wave, the second wave is wreaking havoc as we write. It is important to end this humanitarian crisis once and for all. While countries across the world are helping us by providing medicines, oxygen tankers, and financial aids, we as a citizen should follow COVID-appropriate behaviour. 

How to stay safe?

  • Do not leave your house until it is that necessary.
  • Make sure to clean the place/surface you touch regularly.
  • Do not leave home if you are not well.
  • Use tissues to clean when you sneeze.
  • Wearing Face Mask is mandatory for people coming out of the house for any needy reason.
  • Maintain a 6 feet distance from people when you come out of your house.
  • Wash your hands regularly whenever you return home. Do not touch your face with unwashed hands.

How does the virus spread?

The virus mainly transmits from person to person. The transmission will mostly be initiated from an infected person. There are several ways by which the virus spreads,

  1. Airborne – There are researches that have proven the virus can live in the air for almost 3 hours. Things could get serious if the virus gets into the lungs when someone inhales the air.
  2. Aerosols – When an infected person coughs or sneeze, droplets in the form of aerosols enter the atmosphere around the individual. If someone inhales the air, there are very high chances of getting infected.
  3. Surface – When you touch the same surface that any infected person has touched, it could also turn to be an entry point for the virus. Thus, maintaining a hygienic ecosystem around the individual becomes a mandatory one.

While analysing the reasons for transmission and safety precautions, to stay safe from the Covid 19 virus, the best solution is to stay home. It is the only way to break the chain of transmission. Staying home will look simple from the outside, but it is tough to stay within the home for a whole day. When there is an apt part of entertainment available, people could find it easy.

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Do remember the fight against coronavirus is far from over. It takes a lot of effort and cooperation from People and policymakers together, guided by science to end this scourge. With Vaccination available, ensure you get vaccinated at the earliest and help your families and neighbours in the event of distress. Social distancing does not mean ostracizing. Help people in need and let’s hope, we find the strength and unity to drive out COVID-19 for good.

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