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Even before the storm of New Year has subsided we have the next festival ready which happens to be Makar Sankranti. Primarily a harvest festival, it is celebrated with great pomp and fervour across India. Each state has a unique way of celebrating the same in tune with the indigenous culture but the underlying notion of the celebration is to welcome the harvest season. Sankranti is believed to mark a new beginning. It is widely believed to bring in wealth and prosperity to our lives. Let us deal in depth a few details about the festival and the significance of the same.

Sankranti Special Tournament
Sankranti Special Tournament
Pongal Bonus
Pongal Bonus

Makar Sankranti –  The history

Makar Sankranti is celebrated on Jan 15. The festival marks the transition of sun into the zodiac sign of Capricorn which happens to be holy as per Indian customs. The preceding month is considered as inauspicious so all the holy activities can be sanctified from this date.

Legend has it that Capricorn is a sign of Saturn i.e. Shani Bhagvan, and sun enters the planet. Sun is considered to be the father of Saturn and as per mythology, Sun and Saturn do not get along well. But on this day every year, father buries the rift with his son and goes to meet him for the welfare of the humans. As both sun and Saturn are powerful planets capable of striking good fortunes on a human’s life. Both the gods are worshipped on this day. In places such as Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, the Pongal festivities take place over four days.

People venerate their cattle and livestock on this day as a way of expressing their gratitude. Houses are decorated and house fronts are adorned with colourful rangolis. In fact, an entire day of celebration is set aside for the livestock be decorating it and feeding them sumptuously. The aroma of sweet pongal made with jaggery and ghee-fried cashew nuts is simply too hard to resist. Another important associated with this festival is flying of colourful kites. This is the day we see the entire sky is decorated with colourful kites. This is a custom that is more commonly followed in North India. All said, people celebrate this festival with fervour and much happiness.  This is the time to erase negativity from your lives and bask in happiness and wisdom.

Deccan Rummy Promotions

Deccan Rummy plans to make this Makar Sankranti Memorable with a couple of offers exclusively open for all our players. Want to know, what it is exactly? Read on!

1. Pongal Bonus Offer

How good is the festival of harvest without harvesting big? Keeping that in mind, we have an exciting rummy bonus offer that is open for all the players. Get 30% Bonus upto Rs. 1500 on one of your deposits made on that day. Use the deposit code “PONGAL” while making the deposit. The bonus shall be credited as booster bonus immediately after the successful completion of purchase. Avail this fantastic bonus and make your day more special.

2. Sankranti Special Rummy Tournament

Sankranti is always associated with sports, be it the traditional bull taming Jallikattu or the exciting bullock cart race commonly called as the rekla race, the sporting activities are integral part of Sankranti Celebration. For the mind game enthusiasts, what better way than to take part in a fierce online rummy tournament where they get pitted against the best in the business? Yes, Deccan Rummy understands the cravings of mind game enthusiasts. That’s the reason we are hosting a Sankranti Special Tournament on Jan 17 at 9Pm. Players can get free ticket to this tournament by making a minimum deposit of Rs. 500 with the code “SANKRANTI” or they can play with the buy-in of just Rs. 200. A win on this auspicious day is considered as a precursor for the large swaths of wealth that is destined for you. Why let go of such a fantastic opportunity?

Do avail both these awesome rummy promotions and have a happy and prosperous Sankranti!!

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