Sankranti Special Tourney Announcement!!


The festivals in India are as diverse as the country is. With Sankranti all its way in a few days, it’s all festival in the streets of India. Sankranti is a festival day in the Hindu lunar calendar to worship Sun. The auspicious day is celebrated in different parts of the country in different names. The people down south call it Pongal. It is known as Magh Bihu in Assam, Uttarayan in Gujarat, and Lohri in Punjab.

On this occasion, people thank nature for the successful crop harvest made in the past and pray for good times on the field for the future. The festival is a momentous occasion to mark the end of the dark phase and the beginning of a new phase in life.

A special mention is that people in Tamil Nadu celebrate the festival for four days. The 4-day order goes like- Bhogi, Surya Pongal, Mattu Pongal, and Kaanum Pongal.


Who would miss out Jallikattu? It is considered as an icon of bravery in Tamil Nadu. A bunch of players battle out to hold on to the hump of the mighty Bulls to bring them under control.

The highlight of celebration in Gujarat is the Kite festival held every year. People come from various countries to participate in this festival. The entire sky would be colorful! Different shapes, Different colors- it is going to be fun!

Deccan Rummy has also got a plan. The love for card games in our country is a very well known one. The card games are part of the country’s traditional practices. Playing cards will be a perfect celebration on an auspicious day. It’s a special day, why not a special tournament?

Like the colorful sky, Deccan Rummy is adding colors to the online rummy platform on this special occasion.

Yes, Deccan Rummy is all set to host a special tournament!


Sankranti Special Tournament

The Sankranti special rummy tournament is worth Rs 50000. How about a win in the special tournament on a special occasion? This season is for sure, going to be extra special.

The rummy tournament is on Jan 18. The reason for holding the tournament in the latter part of the week is that for the players’ benefits. By hosting the tournament on Saturday, players get to enjoy the festival with family and friends. A weekend would suit a player the most to sit relaxed playing Rummy. Last year’s promotion was a great hit. There were many battling out to win the prize pool. Of them, Chandu Naidu was the champion. People in the 2nd and 3rd rank were Kuttykarthi and Karthikabi.

So do you want to win like them?

Here’s how to join the tournament:

TournamentSankranti Special Tournament
DateJan 18
Prize PoolRs 50000
Registration6 pm
Tourney Time9 pm
Deposit codeMAKARSPL (Min Deposit 500)
Buy-inRs 200

The registration for the tourney starts by 6 PM. The tourney will begin at 9 PM. Players get a free ticket for making a minimum deposit of Rs 500 using the code “MAKARSPL”. They can also join the tourney either by using the ticket or by making a buy-in of Rs 200.

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