How Rummy has become the No 1 skill game of user’s choice in India?

As it’s a skill game, rummy has always been popular in the Indian gaming community. Many rummy sites are available in our Country, of which Deccan Rummy holds a special place in the heart of rummy enthusiasts with its multiple variants. Our site hosts 13 card Indian Rummy in all three variants like Deals, Points, and pool games.

Our rummy games can be accessed from across all the territories except the ones that have restricted online games. Players can enjoy these rummy variants seamlessly in our gaming experience, and the winnings can be easily withdrawn to the player’s bank account. More than five million gamers have made Deccan Rummy their defacto destination for their rummy requirements.


Online Gaming has been an ever-growing industry. Indian rummy holds a special game in the heart of millions of gamers. Even though the game is believed to have originated from western countries, Indians have made it their game to play. The game has been a great hit in different parts of the country in the last half a century. Be it a family function, friends gathering, or house party, rummy will be the main name on the schedule. So, when it comes to adapting to the online sphere, the game had little trouble. Also, the players who were proficient in rummy already only had to develop the skill to adapt to the online platform.

Skill or gambling

But the game went through a lot of controversies about the game being called gambling. The speculations were turned down by the Supreme Court of India, calling the card game a skill one. Online rummy sites have certain policies to ensure responsible gaming is followed by all the gamers. The sites host several rummy promotions in the form of rummy games, rummy tournaments, and rummy leaderboard contests. Mastering rummy rules and how to play rummy would be the first step towards big winnings. Then there are rummy strategies to follow, which can be mastered through practice. There’s a lot to win – real cash, gold coins, vouchers, stylish and latest smartphones, E-shopping vouchers, cars and bikes.

24*7 availability

Now with the advent of smartphones, most games are now available in smartphones. Online Rummy mobile app is the latest trend in online rummy. With the mobile rummy app available, people find it really easy to enjoy the gaming ambience. The game has come all its way to remove the boring part of your day and to provide you with an opportunity to win real cash. Start playing the game and enjoy the real online rummy gaming experience.

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