What to expect at our VIP Pool Party in Pattaya?

Have you heard the news around the hottest VIP pool party of the town? Perhaps it’s time to clear the dust off your suits. You may need to wear it on this occasion to look dapper and HOT! It’s going be without any doubts a big SPLASH! Our earlier event at Phuket generated a lot of buzz in the rummy community and we are taking every efforts to ensure that the entertainment quotient is doubled this time. From stay at luxurious resorts to sumptuous variety of cuisines too free flow of alcoholic beverages all night, it’s going to splendid in every way. Deccan Rummy VIP Party is here to ensure you get to be a part of the hottest New Year Party in town. We bet it could triumph any party that you’ve been to so far!

DeccanRummy.com’s New Year leaderboard 2018 has just commenced and it has generated a lot of curiosity in the rummy game community. VIP Pool parties are always fun – high on style quotient and energy. You’re invited to the hottest party of the year. It couldn’t get any bigger than this! Picture the best things about a party. The music pumping from the Dj’s deck and energetic people in modish outfits mingling with others and enjoying their company!

Many rummy enthusiasts are actively participating in the contest with the hopes of making it to Pattaya. An exotic foreign trip is no longer reserved to the well-to-do section in the society, everyone with knowledge about 13 card classic rummy game can take a shot at this extraordinary offer.

As mentioned, there will be a VIP Pool Party at Pattaya for the winners. Efforts are in full swing to make the event an extraordinarily successful one. And our staffs are on groundzero preparing for the carnival in Pattaya at the moment. We’ve appointed a flamboyant cicerone who’ will serve as your wingman throughout the trip.

Here’s a sneak peek of the fun you’re going to see at Pattaya. As the girl in the video says “I’ve always wanted to swim with a shark” – probably with an intent that she’s looking to have some fun in the party. She is probably referring you! Are you ready to be step your game up and be a shark? We’ll promise that you can expect a lot more fun than what you actually see in this video. Consider this as a trailer, we are going to sweep you off the floor with our main picture!

The thing about VIP party is that, it is grand in every way you could imagine. When you have a dedicated team working to make this kind of arrangements, you can plunge in head first!

Pattaya VIP Pool Party Video Preview

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