SOMANSH wins T20 League Leaderboard Bonanza

The recently concluded T20 League which was the first major sporting event in the year after Corona Pandemic brought the country to a standstill was a major success. Mumbai Team, who have been a thoroughly dominant side throughout the series have emerged as the champions deservedly.

T20 League Promotion

For those who followed the tournament closely, it was hardly a surprise, as Mumbai team literally grew from strength to strength. While other teams were busy plugging the gaping holes then and there, Mumbai grew from being a powerful team to an infallible one. While it’s true that the cricketing carnival was fun and exciting, the mega rummy contest at Deccan Rummy was equally exhilarating.

Whether it was daily pulsating action in our rummy fantasy league or the uncompromising leaderboard bonanza, both the contests drew a lot of participants from all walks of life. Both the events reaffirmed that Deccan Rummy is the go-to place when it comes to high-value offerings.

The leaderboards are such exceptional value that players have to put up through a gruelling schedule in order to top it. It takes a lot of grit, determination, and skill to prevail in a roller-coaster contest like this as you literally competing with nearly everyone playing cash games.

Topping any Leaderboard race is a fantastic achievement in its own right. That too, when playing in a grand contest like T20 League leaderboard with a long duration, where you have to ramp up your playing time to have a chance, a win becomes all the more special.

SOMANSH takes down T20 League leaderboard 

Earning that honour is SOMANSH, who topped our T20 League leaderboard contest with an impressive 31001 points. Maintaining a consistent lead in a topsy-turvy contest like leaderboard is no ordinary feat. SOMANSH, with his incredible skill and passion, has beaten all odds to emerge on top. We at Deccan Rummy congratulate him on his incredible efforts to emerge victorious.

It’s not all about playing rummy consistently; you need hard work away from the virtual felt too. Managing time for rummy in these tough times is by itself a great task and to do so consistently over a period just indicates the passion he has towards the game. It’s definitely a crowning moment for SOMANSH. He will receive the staggeringly beautiful Tata Nexon for his stupendous efforts in this tournament.

Wagon R Winner

Giving him a run for his money is the runner-ups Pavalan, who secured the second place with 29400 points. Pavalan at one point came very close to the eventual winner, but then in a contest like this with wildly swinging fortunes, it’s sometimes very hard! No matter what, Pavalan gave his best till the end and ended up securing the second place. For the incredible fighting spirit that he displayed throughout this tournament, he will walk away with the second prize of Wagon R

Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS Winner

The third rank was secured by Akshath, who has proved time and again that he’s a force to reckon with in any contest. The difference between him and the second rank holder was barely 88 points which indicate the competitive nature of the contest. Akshath has constantly been performing and winning tournaments in our platform. And the third prize he secured is just another feather in his cap. He will receive a brand new Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS for his efforts.

Kirit with 29189 points and Satayavan, another long term player with 28979 points secured the fourth and fifth spot respectively. While Kirit rides home the stunning Jawa Perak, Satyavan gets the iPhone 11 Pro Max(64GB).

We at Deccan Rummy, express our deepest thanks to all the players for braving out the tough times and taking part in this contest. With your wholehearted participation and support, the contest has been a massive success in the Indian rummy circuit. Notwithstanding the pandemic which has severely impacted every sphere of our lives, the kind of participation in this tournament, shows the impact rummy game has on our collective psyches.

We would like to extend our commiserations to everyone who weren’t able to make the cut this time. All we can say is that doné lose hope, as there are plenty of contests in the pipeline! Keep playing with a never-say-die attitude and who knows maybe one day you’ll get what you deserve!

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