How to Spot Rummy Sharks in a table?

In every sport, there’s a shark. It means they are an expert in the game. To overcome the sharks, you need to pull a rabbit out of a hat to deal with them. It can be possible only by studying their game play. It is always good to know your competitor’s capabilities in any sport. Only when you gauge their capability you can devise a plan to outsmart them. Sharks in skill based card games like rummy and poker, keep their game play tight.

You never know when they are going to attack. One must be prepared to encounter such sharks anytime especially in sites like Deccan Rummy, which hosts plenty of high value tournaments and leader board contests. Once you identify their level of expertise, it is easy for you to foresee their moves. But trust us, it’s not easy! It takes years of experience to become an expert as rummy and poker always present the player with unpredictable scenarios every now and then. Here are a few steps to follow which will help you identify a rummy shark and how to deal with such kinds.


1. Calm demeanor

Whenever we start a new game, we are a bit panicky. Being a newbie, we do not know the intricacies of the game and commit a lot of mistakes. In case of rummy, sometimes we may drop a wild joker card unknowingly. As we are nervous and anxious, we do not have much control over the game during the initial stages. Also, in online rummy, every player has a time limit within which he/she should make a move. It’s a bit stressful being a newbie to handle all this at one go. Rummy sharks however are cool as a cucumber. They play the game in a non-nonchalant manner. You can notice them preplan their moves as soon as the game starts and they almost never allow the time to lapse.

2. Play to their strengths

Kingpins of any sports achieved their status after realizing their strengths. In football, Ronaldo and Messi are towering about their peers as they play to their strengths. Each player has different strengths – Ronaldo is known for his speed, strength and dribbling abilities whereas Messi is known for his precision and his versatility as a winger and central based player. Similarly, Rummy veterans are simply head and shoulders above the rest in terms of knowledge and strategies. The good news is that Messi and Ronaldo are naturally gifted players, whereas in skill-based card games like rummy and poker, players have a chance to cultivate it. Rummy Sharks, with their strong grasp on rummy rules and rummy strategies start the race holding an upper hand.

3. Quitting at the right time

They say quitting is for losers. However, this is not true for a mind sport like Rummy especially. While winning every game is a hallmark of a champion, it’s simply not possible in a game like rummy, factoring in elements like starting hand cards which come into play. That said, smart players know when to drop. If the starting hand they receive is simply unplayable, they do not dig further and immediately drop. It makes a lot of sense to drop initially as you lose only with 20 points rather than sticking in and lose with heavy points. Quitting in rummy is not certainly not cowering down in fear. Knowing when to quit is what that makes a player great. Rummy Sharks drop the game more frequently than you can imagine them to do.

4. Spotting a ruse

Magicians fool their audience by performing a mock action, called the ruse. They can fool with you a sleight of their hand which is a pretty common occurrence during a magic show. However, a magician no matter how skilled they are cannot deceive a seasoned magician. Apply the same analogy in rummy. If you try to bait your skilled opponent by throwing a card, he/she will instinctively catch the drift and beat you with your own game. If he catches your bluff, you can rest assured that you are up against a shark.

5. Apex Predators

Sharks are the top or apex predators in the marine ecosystem. One of the remarkable facts about the shark is their ability to detect blood in their territory. It is with this ability combined with their strong build, which helps them decimate their prey to shreds. Rummy veterans would observe novices within moments from the start of the game and they would pounce on them and decimate them systematically with their rummy strategies.

So do you think that you have it what it takes to become a shark? Download Rummy app now and start practicing now. Your time is now!

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