Spread the love of rummy this month by availing 70% Bonus offer


It’s always great to begin a month with a bonus offer. We understand that depositing rummy players would need something extra to keep their motivation flying. That’s the reason we have been generous with our monthly giveaways. Every month we come up with a fixed bonus offer for our users in addition to the bevvy of bonuses that are on offer. The said bonus code can be used once during the offer time and the bonus will be disbursed either in bonus points after the successful completion of a purchase.

Valentine month is here. Deccan Rummy is spreading the love for 13 card rummy this month by giving our users some super cool bonus offers. When do you get to do all the lovely things? During the Valentine Month! And it is here already!

Pocket 70% Bonus up to Rs. 3500 this month with our Funky February and Weekly Bonus offer. These bonuses will certainly put a big smile on your face. Stay on top of the rummy card game action by availing of these bonus offers. With exciting promotions such as Weekly Leaderboard and lots more up for grabs, these bonus offers will certainly boost your bankroll to extend your playtime.


Bonus Code

Offer Name

Bonus Offer

FEB 1 – 28FEB2022Funky FebruaryGet 15% Bonus Points up to Rs. 750
FEB 1 – 7CR07Weekly BonusGet a 20% Booster Bonus up to Rs.1000
FEB 8 – 15LOVE2022Weekly BonusGet a 10% Cash Bonus up to Rs.500
FEB 16 – 22SHIV22Weekly BonusGet a 15% Booster Bonus up to Rs.750
FEB 23 – 28FLAT500Weekly BonusGet a 10% Cash Bonus up to Rs.500

Have a Winning month of love! Win a fortune playing your favourite rummy card game online.  Stay tuned for more exciting promotions ahead.

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