Struggling with winning Rummy Tournaments consistently? Here are few tips that help!

Let’s discuss something about Rummy tournaments. Are you struggling to get those results that you are expecting while playing tournaments? Are you frustrated with not lasting till another end of the radar while playing tournaments? Do you wonder how people build their sets and sequences consistently while yours shrink and what you are doing wrong? Are you looking to go deep?


If you’re answering yes to these questions, it’s a good indication you have got the wrong tournament strategy.
In online rummy, there are two groups of tournament players.

The first is the group that waits for things to happen. This group is the dominant one as it comprises close to 97% of the rummy players. Players in the first group wait for the right hands and hope these good hands hold up. They do not bluff or deploy other rummy strategies. The result is that nearly all of them score very little in tournaments as they don’t take any chances.

The second group, on the other hand, are consistent winners. They know how to play their way around with strategies in rummy tournaments. They can make things work in their favor even when the cards are not right. They know how to build a perfect rummy even when they have so many deadwood cards around. They quickly identify the weak link in the tables and the strategies to pull them down so nonchalantly.

If you are in group one, it’s no fault of yours. Most of the rummy players belong to that category. It sucks not to win consistently. These are times when rummy sites host rummy tournaments with the massive prize pool. The offer is too hard to resist for players at any skill level.

After all, don’t we hit the tables every time with an idea of winning?

However, the good news is that you can change and become a player who has reasonable control over their fortunes in big tournaments.

It starts with approaching the tournament with a new approach so that you can play rummy tourney confidently

1. Be prepared for a long session

Unlike games which lasts just for a few minutes, the tournaments take a long time. It is quite evident that tourneys are multi-table, multi-player format. Work on your patience level and be prepared for a lengthy grind

2. Adopt Different playing styles

It is advisable to adopt different playing styles for small-field and large-field rummy tournaments. For instance, a small playing field tournaments may see a disproportionate number of rummy pros, so you have to be prepared to tackle them on their turf with a unique playing style. This unique playing style may not come to your aid in a large field tournament, which has more casual and novices here. You have to follow a more balanced approach.

3. It Ok to fold some hands

When playing rummy tournaments online, certain situations arise where you are left with not many options. It’s certainly not uncommon to fold certain hands. Great players do it all the time. With multiple rummy tourneys running throughout the day, there’s always a chance for you to make up for it.

4. Don’t be easy to read

The unwritten rule in rummy to be successful in rummy is to observe your opponents. Remember, so do the opponents find you. While you cannot stop them from seeing your discards, you are in a position to deny them the opportunity to see the cards you pick up. For this, pick up more from the closed deck unless you badly need the card your immediate opponent discards.

5. Take sufficient breaks

Long tournaments are incredibly exhausting not only for your body but for your mind as well. As a result, it’s vital to use every break you get to charge your brain. Go outside, get some air, have a glass of cold water, and listen to soothing music. As you recharge your mind, your capability to perform at your highest potential increases.

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