Fun activities to do during this summer

Summer can be excruciatingly cruel. It’s one of the most horrid times of the year. Unfortunately, the pandemic has added to the misery , confining ourselves to homes cutting our entertainment options.

To conquer this phase of boredom, which is seemingly growing by the day, there are certain fun activities that you can indulge in even you are confined to your homes. Remembering that the pandemic is raging all over again, we have shortlisted fun activities that you can enjoy right from the comfort of your homes

Activities to entertain you during Summer

1. Play games like Chess and Rummy

Chess is an incredibly fascinating game. One of the favorite games among families, many of us enjoyed the game during our childhood. Research indicates that people playing ches regularly are better at strategizing and decision making.

Similar to chess, rummy is an excellent skill game. Playing rummy game helps you develop good analytical and logical skills. Now that the game is available online, all you need to do is download a rummy app. The game is easy to learn and simple to get started. As you know sites like Deccan rummy offer unlimited chances to win real cash online. You could use these extra hours during home-confined days to make some easy extra money

2. Gardening

As the world environment day is round the corner, it is important to do our bit to the nature that nurtured us. The best thing you can do during these lockdown, is to keep your environment clean.

You don’t need to have a sprawling area to raise a garden. A home terrace or a space around the sidewalk would be fine. Gardening is one of the most productive activity that you could indulge in during these days. You can grow your own flowers that you like, or even vegetables like tomato which grows on all most soil types. The best thing you can do during these lockdown, is to keep your environment clean.

3. Home Cooking

Lockdowns have taught everyone a very important lesson, i.e. the need to know cooking. It’s something everyone should know regardless of the gender stereotype associated with it. When push comes to shove, we all need to deal with it! So better be safe with knowing things than be sorry!

With so videos available on Youtube, you can get started in no time. Learn cooking basic food that are necessary for your survival. Cooking your favorite dish can be a good past-time and also an incredible stress reliever

4. Binge watching

Since the advent of OTT platforms, binge-watching has becoming a norm. We all have a list of series and movie that we always wanted to watch but didn’t find due to our busy schedule. Now is the time for it. With so many community websites and discussion forums for movies, the recommendations for movies and shows keep growing. Have a bucket list of movies and shows that you want to watch. Make use of these free time during summer to watch the series you always wanted to!

Alas! There’s some light in the end of the tunnel filled. Try these easy-to-do activities from your home and never be bored again during summer.

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