Supreme battles at Weekly Leaderboard

The most challenging thing for a online rummy player is participating in tournaments and leaderboard contests. Tournaments and leaderboard contests have been a mainstay of the online rummy scene for several years. 

In the earlier days, pro players were into cash games and the recreational players were attracted to online tournaments because of the relatively low buy-ins and the prospect of winning better. However, with the rising number of flagship events of online rummy companies, the battlefield in tournaments and leaderboard contests became tougher with an equal mix of recreational and pro players.

There is a huge adrenaline rush that comes with tournament rummy or leaderboard race. It is one of the most profound feelings to overcome several players to reach the pinnacle. Especially leaderboard races have been the preference of several rummy players of late.A player must train hard and acquire the necessary skills, strategies to be successful in a leaderboard contests. A player must ensure he has sufficient cash game experience before joining the race. 

Sites like Deccan Rummy revolutionized the online rummy scene with their leaderboard offerings. With gifts like all-expense paid trips to foreign locations, posh cars, latest smartphones and gadgets, leaderboard contest gives away several jaw-dropping prizes. It is too tempting an offer to let go off. Deccan Rummy has a history of enthralling players with exciting Leaderboard contests during every New Year and during marquee events like World Cup. 

Aside from the gifts, winning a leaderboard contest is a greatest triumph you will experience in online rummy. Leaderboard contests require persistence, solid strategy, and a rock solid endurance. Success in leaderboard contests require long playing sessions, which will take push you to your limits and help you realize your capability. Everyone loves something big in their lives and leaderboard contests is one such contest which is worth fighting for. Leave aside winning, being a part of the race by itself is a thrilling experience that you can never miss. 

At Deccan Rummy, Every weekend, players find their way to cash tables with aspirations of featuring in our weekly leaderboard which comes with jaw dropping promotions. Their Weekly Leaderboard is race one of the longest running promotion in the Indian rummy ecosystem. In order to give everyone a chance to win some, the leaderboard race has been conducted in three levels with spectacular giveaways. Let’s see what they are offering currently these days.

Weekly Leaderboard Race

The weekly leaderboard contest with updated gifts is up and running at great lengths. These days Deccan Rummy’s weekly leaderboard offerings include exciting gadgets like Nokia 9, One Plus 7 Pro, Oppo Reno at the Diamond level; Vivo Nex, Samsung A50s, and Redmi Note 8 Pro for the Platinum level; Sony WH-CH500 Wireless Headphone, Gold Coin, and Honor Band 5 for the Gold players along with the leaderboard tournament tickets. Additionally, 17 other players get cash bonus and free tickets as well. 

It requires skills and tactics to win consistently in a rummy game. Less experienced payers are normally vulnerable to lose the game. This means that they require more practice in a game to begin winning more consistently. Having said, there is no reason you can’t attain such expertise. Here at Deccan Rummy, you are always welcome to try out free games to polish your skill games.

It may be a bit daunting for the newbies to win these contests. Practicing more on cash tables would increase your chances of winning. Start from low stakes, aim for the prizes at the gold level in the initial weeks and obviously you fill find yourself in the diamond league within a few weeks. . Your journey to win these astonishing prizes are not far off

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