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Online Rummy is very much similar to real-world rummy when it comes to the thrill and entertainment factor. However in online rummy, the player can play rummy with rummy enthusiasts across India with real cash which is unlike real rummy where you need to find people to play with. In accordance with the Supreme Court rulings, playing rummy online with stakes is legal since it is a skill-based game. After the ruling, many rummy sites emerged out of nowhere and continue to attract customers. It hardly comes as a surprise given the passion for the game that has its grassroots in India.

Apart from 13 card rummy game, certain sites are also offering 21 cards rummy also which is also getting very popular among the card game enthusiasts in India.  The other reason why people go gaga over online rummy is the extraordinary money-spinning opportunity it gives. DeccanRummy is one such legal online rummy site, offering plenty of perks for its players playing rummy online.

Players registering at DeccanRummy get to play different forms of Indian Rummy games online like Deals Rummy, Pool Rummy & Points Rummy. In addition to the exciting rummy games, has earned a name for itself when it comes to hosting some invigorating rummy tournaments out there. We have placed our tournaments at your most comfortable timings so that you play the game when you are free. There are a number of freeroll and cash tournaments that we host which gives the players an awesome opportunity to win real cash prizes. If you are a rookie, you can learn how to play rummy tournaments online by watching the online demo videos tutorials.

Additionally, we host special rummy tournaments for most Indian festivals with huge prize pools. Most of our special tournaments are freeroll as we want our users to celebrate the auspicious occasions without any losses. Also winning a big paycheck on such festivals adds an extra zing to your celebrations, doesn’t it? Watch out for our special tourneys every time when any festival is around the corner. Make sure you do not miss our Mega Diwali Dhoom Tournament.

Worried about security and online transactions with us? We’ve got you covered with our State-of-the-art security measures. We have integrated the latest technologies to keep our site immune to any malfeasant activities. Forget to worry about making an online payment; we have four secure payment gateways and a dynamic SSL to make your transactions safe and secure. All you have to do is simply play rummy and leave the rest to us. Refer the most common tips for rummy beginners to get started.

Playing Rummy Online @

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5 Common Reasons why players lose in Online Rummy

Taking good decisions and choices are the crux of rummy card game online. This is probably the reason why the game is often referred as a game of skill rather a game that relies on luck. Winning in online rummy requires wits, concentration, patience and a little bit of luck. However, the luck factor ends with the initial distribution of cards. Just like every game if there is a winner, there has to be a loser. Highly motivated players learn from their losses & improve their strategies in the future while others do not take much effort to improve and suffer heavy losses. In this article we examine the common reasons why rummy players lose in the game:

Playing with a bad hand

It takes some experience and a lot of intelligence to identify the starting hands. There is no point in playing with a bad hand when it is obvious that you have very little chance of winning. During such instances, it is advised to fold so that you lose with minimal points.

Forgetting the basic rules of Online Rummy

The first objective while playing Rummy is to go for the pure sequence. Without a pure sequence, your other sequences/sets aren’t going to save you from losing with heavy points. Try to make a pure sequence at the earliest.

Poor Strategies

Strategies form the crux of rummy. You must understand how to use the joker card & wild joker to make an impure sequence or a set. At the same time, you must discard high-value cards. Failing to do so would result in a heavy loss.

Playing with stress

Emotional control is very important in online rummy. You can play the game cleanly only when you are with a clear, open mind. When your mind is clogged with stress, you lose your emotional balance and act upon your wild intuitions. On such occasions, there is a high probability of committing blunders that you could have avoided otherwise.


Rummy is not a game where you can afford to be careless. A slight lapse in concentration could turn the game in favour of your opponents. We’ve seen players lose games heavily because of their negligence and callousness towards the rules.

These are some of the reasons why players lose in online rummy. Just like winning, losing is also an inevitable part of rummy. We hope that identifying these problems will help you turn your game around. You can always play online rummy game for free at and win bundles of cash.

Emotional Control while playing rummy online

Controlling your emotions is an important trait while playing rummy online. It is something that is not getting due recognition as it should be. Emotional control can make a big difference while playing rummy online as it decides whether you’re going to win or lose. Rummy being a skill based game can take a toll on you when you let your emotions run wild. That’s the reason we insist on selecting a particular timing and fixing a bankroll whenever you play rummy online. Utilize your gray matter to its fullest potential every time you play rummy games. We shall look at a few scenarios while playing rummy online where you need to exert emotional control:

Playing rummy online

Emotional Control – Playing Rummy Online

Bad Starting Hand- Not everyone playing rummy online is lucky to get a great starting hand. You don’t have to lose your mind and flip out because of it. We have tons of examples where we have rummy players win a tournament with terrible starting hands. It’s all about how you play the game with your starting hands.

Running short of Strategies – Rummy strategies are something that you cannot master after playing a few games. Experts have conceived these strategies after years of experience analyzing different combinations. If you stick through, you are going to get these strategies. In the meantime, you can walk through the five effective rummy strategies document to have some idea about the game.

Playing without a break– It is yet another example of emotional imbalance. Rummy is a game of highs and lows. Winning and losing rummy games can cause your mood to swing from absolute jubilation to towering disappointment. At times when the lows become more frequent than highs, taking a break might be a good choice.

Chat skirmishes – Many players indulge in petty fights in the chat window and go nuts if someone abuses them. In case you spot a troll in the chatroom, do not bother engaging him or turn the feature off. Continuing in that hostile environment is going to do no good to your winning prospects.

Losing Spree – If you play the game with a rage, then it’s difficult to end your losing spree. On these occasions, it is better to take a break from the game for a few hours. It will allow you to cool down your stressed brain. Take a long walk or listen to some soothing music to calm your nerves in these circumstances.

Fear of losing money – Money is one of the driving factors behind people choosing to play rummy online. While winning and losing is a part of the rummy game, no player likes to see his/her hard-earned money go down in losses. What we can advise in these cases is to try playing freeroll tournaments. Our free tournaments come with a fantastic prize pool. Players have a real good opportunity to win handsome cash prizes without spending a penny.

All these ideas are easier said than done. It does take a lot of effort from you to keep your emotions under check. Just be aware that playing with emotional turmoil can be more disastrous than losing a few games. At the end of the day, it is a game so treat it like one and play sportively.